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To your taste buds liking:)

2007-04-06 22:10:35
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You are looking for an old salsa song called Lady Written by Lionel Richie Salsa version?

oh my gosh i know that but sorry i dont know

What country does la salsa originate from?

I dont know find out on google or something.

How do you chip a virgin television box?

Dont know :)

Is it illegal to chip your xbox?

Yes ... I Personally would not do annything illegal. But if you do chip you xbox360 console - DONT TELL ANYBODY!

Have you got to have same size memory in both slots?

No you dont, the most important things are clock speed(example 533Mhz) and timings(example 3-8-4-4) you want to be the same per chip as your memory will always work at the slowest chip speed if this is not matched up evenly. The amount of memory per chip does not matter.

Does a dog have to de identifiable by a tattoo or a chip?

you dont tattoo dogs.

Does a dog have to be identifiable with a tatto or a chip?

dont know please help me

Why does my 1985 corvette not idle right with stock computer chip but with the aftermarket computer chip the fans dont turn on has aftermarket cam how can i fix this?

== ==

How many songs has chipmunk wrote?

5...Chip Diddy ChipDiamond ringsOpsy Dasiy.....................................i dont no the names of the last two

I have 4 legs I dont like to dip but if you know the right stuff I'll lick you like a chip What am I?

I have 4 legsI dont like to dipbut if you know the right stuffI'll lick you like a chipWhat am I?

What does the chocolate chip cookie Christmas ornament represent?

Uhh I dont Know >...> Maybe For Sweett ... Hahaha I dont know........ >.>

Can you make chocolate chip cookies without shortening?


What college should a chip and dale dancer go to?

dont go to college

Who inspired Victoria?

a potato chip comercial if you dont belive me look it up

Who inspired Victoria Justice?

a potato chip comercial if you dont belive me look it up

What kind of mixture is a chocalate chip cookie?

i dont know it either... i need the answer too!! (help!!)

How do you get set Concrete out of the mixer?

Tap around the outside with a hammer, If it dont come out you have to go in there and chip it out.

How do you fix a chip in a composite baseball bat?

i dont think you can but it doesnt affect the performance if it is not deep

How do you just get my 1998 honda acord to run with my spare key that dont have a chip?

i think there is no legal way to run your car with a key that has no chip... it can only be used to open the door... ;-((

Who makes the hottest potato chip?

Herr's red hots are good, but Utz red hot are hotter. Martin's makes a decent hot chip, but it is kind of sweet which i dont like.

Which Chip tells computer what parts it has?

I dont think there's a specific chip that tells what's in a computer. It's probably a software device that scans your computer and sees whats plugged into it.

What is the philosophy of McDonald's food is easy to make and they use chip staff to provide the service?

Dont know!

How do you get all the legendarys?

get cheats dont now the code action replay or if you have an r4 chip use its cheats

How do you burn Xbox games on to a disk?

you can chip your xbox or get a j tagg but if your not authorized to burn the disk, dont do it

Can you eat in toon town?

you can go to a picnic in chip and dales acorn acres but you dont eat anything