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Knock, knock

Who's there?


Alpha who?

Alpha Q.

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Q: What is a good and funny and perverted knock knock joke?
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Related questions

What is a sex joke?

almost anything that is perverted and funny

Can someone tell you a really funny knock knock joke?

ni they are so old no1 thinks they are funny anymore

Funnyest joke ever?

It depends on what you think is funny. You might think a joke is funny but your friend does not. So it depends.

What is good joke to say to a girl?

Dont say a sex joke cause those are just annoying to us. Give a funny joke like a dumb blonde (unless she is blonde) inside joke (these are the best) or knock-knock joke (these work good because they are easily started and will keep her engaged longed plus she will interwact with you during the joke so its fun for both of you)

What are some good Mario knock knock jokes?

Here is a good Mario knock knock joke. Knock, knock. Who's there? Yoshi. Yoshi who? Yo! She won't let me in.

Is there even one funny knock knock joke in the universe?

Yes there is! Try this one. Go up to someone and tell them to say "Knock, Knock". When they say "Knock, Knock", you ask, "Who is there?" I love that one!

What is a wet your pants joke?

it is a dirty and perverted joke

What is the most funniest crack joke ever?

1: Knock Knock. 2:Who's there. 1:Crack 2: Crack who? 1: It wasn't a joke. Crack isn't funny - the end.

Does anyone now a good joke?

you: knock, knock, them: whos there? you: tolet them:tolet who you: flush

What is a good puppy joke?

Knock, knock. who's there. doctor. doctor who. you just said it.

What are some good frog knock knock jokes?

Who's there? Frog. Frog who? Frogot. Let me check my ID

What is a funny joke with Scrooge and Ronald McDonald?

Knock Knock, Who's there? Big Mac. I don't believe in Big Mac. Big Mac is a burger! Oh...can you please get out of my house?

What is the name of the joke that goes knock knock whos there Justin Justin who Justin time for the party?

It's called a 'knock knock' joke.

What are some good knock knock bee jokes?

Here is an example of a bee knock knock joke, knock knock ...who's there?...honey bee...honey bee who? ....honey bee a dear and get me a soda.

What is a good knock knock joke?

This is a decent one- Knock Knock Who's there? Interrupting Cow Inter..... MOO! The ever popular joke of Jeff dunham- Knock knock?..... Who's there?...... It's me, I love You!!! lol thatz a good one kassidy- Porsha:) Dc11's Knock Knock Who's There? Me! I kill You!

What is a good knok knok joke?

knock knock whos there Anna Anna who Anna mosquito knock knock whos there yetta yetta who yetta another mosquito

What isn't a funny joke?

A joke that is not funny would be a joke that no one laughs at. The way to truly discover if a joke is funny, is to tell the joke to see if anyone laughs. However, humor is subjective, one may find it funny, another may not.

What is the dumbest joke ever?

Knock knock...

Who created the first knock knock joke?


Funny is to joke as serious is to?

Um Funny is to joke as serious is talk?

How do you say a funny joke in German?

A funny joke = Ein komischer Witz

According to the joke what follows Knock Knock?

Whos there

Why are most jokes lame?

Knock knock jokes are common and is one of the worst jokes! Have you heard the joke "Why did the chicken cross the road?" it was simply the worst joke ever which was classic and very popular. Although most jokes don't make people laugh, there are some nonsense jokes that are funny too. It depends on the character or how you say it. Example: You act like a crazy fool and sound weird. Once you tell the joke it will be funny.

What are funny jokes called?

Funny jokes Hey, that's a joke, what are funny jokes called? Funny jokes! that's a joke, too!

What is a good lion joke?

knock knock who's there ketchup ketchup to me and lion tell you