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Q: What is a good audition song for beauty and the beast?
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Is One Boy from Bye Bye birdie a good song to audition to for the role Babette in Beauty and the Beast?

Yes! Perfect!

What is a good operatic audition song for beauty and the beast's Babette?

Yes She Has A Solo In Human Again And Also Sings Part Of It With Other Characters

Is there another name for the song Beauty and the Beast?

no, the name of that song is beauty and the beast, if your having trouble finding it you should check the beauty and the beast soundtrack online.

Was oboe used in Beauty and the Beast?

yes it was as i have played a song from beauty and the beast that was for oboe.

Who sings be your guest Beauty and the Beast?

The song "Be Our Guest" in Disneys Beauty and the Beast is sung by the candle Lumiere.

What is the oscor winning song from Beauty and the Beast?

It is called "Beauty and the Beast" or sometimes "Tale as Old as Time"

Who sings Beauty and the Beast don't fall in love?

There is no song called "Don't Fall in Love" in Beauty and the Beast.

What does the Beast sing in Disney's Beauty and the Beast?

Beast only sings one song, "Something There".

What is the song with the lyrics girl you are a beauty and i am a beast?

Down on me.

What are some song similar to Sleeping Beauty?

beauty and the beast is the number one similarity

Who sang the mob song in Beauty and the Beast?

ju biber

Is the song superkalifragilisticexpiealidicious in the movie the Beauty and the Beast?

No, it is in Mary Poppins