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Your closing sentence must reflect what you wrote in your paragraph. WikiAnswers is not going to write your paragraph for you - that's cheating and it's wrong. Plus, you could be expelled for cheating. You need to summarize what you said in the rest of the paragraph for a closing sentence.

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Q: What is a good closing sentence for a paragraph about alcoholics?
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What is a good closing sentence for a paragraph about peaches?

This depends on what you have written in the paragraph

What is a good closing sentence of a paragraph?

Well that is the ______________ of my element.

What is a good closing sentence of a paragraph about the amazon rainforest's food web?

Animals need food but so do we!

How do you start a paragraph for your boyfriend?

First, find out what the paragraph your boyfriend need's topic is. Then, write a good beginning sentence that supports the topic or point to be made in the first paragraph. After, fill the paragraph with more sentences that elaborate on the topic or point, these are usually supporting details. Finally, finish with a closing sentence that either ends your paragraph nicely, or makes for a good transition sentence for your next paragraph.

How do you write a good closing paragraph?

You conclude it from all the main points you have said so far and then you write a catchy concluding sentence to make the person be amazed. Have fun

What is a good starting sentence for a closing paragraph for an essay that trys to prove why a place fell apart?

if you have a thesis statement for this essay, you can just repeat the thesis statement (pratically what the essay is about)

Qualities of a good paragraph?

Qualities of a good paragraph include: A. a strong topic sentence (TS) A strong TS has 2 parts. First, a SUBJECT, telling who or what, and then a FEELING/FOCUS about the subject. B. supporting details that make up the body of the paragraph and should relate directly to the TS. C. a closing sentence whch sums up the information in the paragraph TIPS: * avoid a TS that is too general For example, a paragraph about a single game is better than one on an entire season. * put the sentences in an order that makes sense * use a vareity of vocabulary words and sentence structures to keep things interesting

What is a good sentence to end a paragraph about amusement parks with?

== ==

What is a good topic sentence for corrosion?

A topic sentence is the sentence which summarize what the rest sentences are supporting in a paragraph.

What is a sentence opener?

The first sentence in a paragraph. It givesm the reader and idea of what the paragraph/essay is going to be about.

In a paragraph about laughter and health what would be a good topic sentence?

Laughing is good for people.

What is a good closing sentence for a research paper on eye color?

That is how I see it?