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I am pale and EVERYONE tells me I am pale... what I usually wear are some of these colors






Some of those colors are good for pale skin :)

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Q: What is a good color on pale skin?
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What is a good LIGHT hair color NOT dark that would go good with a pale skin tone?

well i have pale skin colour and i think light browns and blonds normally work for me

How can you get pale skin on poptropica?

When you first get your account, you pick that skin color.

Whats the best colour lipgloss for pale skin?

Pink or purple is the best color for lip gloss for pale skin.

What color was neanderthal skin or were the different by geography like us?

They had pale skin.

What color was neanderthal skin or was their skin tone varied by geography like us?

They had pale skin.

What color skin does Bella Swan have in the Twilight books?

non-tanned:sort-of-pale;not as pale as Edward

Does dark skin color attract more heat than fairer skin color?

Anything that is darker attracts more heat, as it is good to have a dark roof in winter, but a pale roof in summer.

If your skin produced no pigment what color would it be?

pale white.

Is light skin a color?

It is possible to describe the color of skin as light. More specifically, light skin is beige in color. If skin is extremely pale, it might be described as alabaster.

A good sentence with the word pale?

A good sentence for PALE is, My skin is PALE so i need to go to the beach and get a tan.

What is Rihannas skin color?

Her skin colour is brown but she is a light skinned black lady.

Can people die if they are to pale?

No but pale people do often have skin cancer The color of the skin can at times indicate a problem with health however just having pale skin wont kill you. People with pale skin should take extra care however where it comes i contact with the sun.