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  • Big & fat.
  • Wears robes.
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LOL I'm guessing my classes have tried using this site for answers as well.

If you have read the book, you should know.

-Mrs. Monroe

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Q: What is a good description of Noah from flush?
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Who is Noah from flush?

the protagonist

Who is the Protagonist in Flush by Carl Hiaasen?


Who is telling the story from the book flush?


Who is the main character in Flush by Carl Hiaasen?

Noah Underwood is the main character in Flush. ;)

What is Noah's mom's name in the book Flush?

is donna Underwood

What is imported in the story flush?

What is important in the book flush is Noah and his sister are trying to proveDusty's wrong for polluting the water

In the book flush by Carl Hiaasen do you think noah has the same character as his father?

Some of them Yes, Noah has a lot of bravery and he got that from his father, but Noah does not do everything that is good that has a consequence such as sinking a boat, Paine(His Dad) sank the boat for a good reason but it had a consequence, going to jail.

Who is the main protagonist in the book flush?

The protagonist's name is Noah Underwood.

Who is shelly in flush?

A friend who helps Noah and Abbey stop Muleman

What was Noah's dad's name in flush?

Noah Underwood

Who beat up a lot of people in the book Flush?

grandpa beat up alot of characters in Flush to save Noah and Abbey.

What does Noah Underwood look like in the book flush?

Noah Underwood's hair is brown