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if our paper airplane is light , then the plane will go farther, because the wind will carry it farther

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the smallest airplane will fly the farthest

i would have to show you but i can make an extremly good paper airplane

It depends on what you mean by "best paper airplane". The longest time aloft for a paper airplane is 27.6 seconds, thrown by Ken Blackburn and verified by Guinness (indoor flight). Tips for a good paper airplane are at .

this is a link to a very good airplane model. It will take a little bit of time to fold it 100% accurate but with a little bit of practice it is the best paper airplane.

It depends on how you throw your paper airplane. Also how you make to paper airplane.

That very much depends on what you want it to do.. For a graceful kind of glider I would recommend the Floating Paper airplane. For a fast kind of dart I would recommend the Bottlenose Paper airplane. For a good all-rounder I would recommend the Rapier paper airplane. Instructions are linked below for making these.

The effect of a hole on a paper airplane would depend on the type of paper airplane the hole is on, and where it is on the aircraft.

That depends on what you want it to do. There is no best real airplane, much less a paper airplane.

the regular 8x11 inch paper (A4) is an good size to make many airplanes

The range of a paper airplane varies by model.

i think the construction paper airplane will fly farther

Wax paper works good for strong, high-flying planes.

Construction paper will probaly fly best because it's thinker

Yes, the design of a paper airplane can effect its performance.

No, Leo did not invent the paper airplane.

put the paper clip at the front f the paper helps the airplane to fly!

The mass of a paper airplane is equal to the sheet of paper it is constructed out of, plus any additional materials.

Okay so the best paper airplane in the world well there is alot there is the skyhawk the omniwing the wetbat and the crustmatic and all of theses planes are very very good

You just need paper and good folding hands.

Leonardo da Vinci made the first paper airplane

A paper airplane cannot fly without a wing.

make the airplane but attach a paper clip at the front!

Farther than any other paper airplane that i know of

After invention of paper .

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