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some household items are:

  • Styrofoam
  • Sawdust
  • Fiberglass
  • Tin foil (this reflects light but will melt the ice if it is touching it)
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Q: What is a good insulator for an ice cube?
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Is felt a good insulator?

Felt is good insulator because it has many air pockets so donkey and shrek can have a good time

What is a good insulator for ice cream?

ice crem is gode

When did Ice Cube release It was A Good Day?

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Is ice a better conductor than copper?

No, Ice is a good insulator and copper is a very good conductor

Why eskimos make double walled houses of blocks of ice?

Ice is readily available for them, and it is a good insulator.

Is an ice chest an conductor or an insulator?


What melt first of a ice cube salt and ice cube with salt?

an ice cube with salt

Is newspaper good insulator?

YES!... newspaper is a good insulator... Try wrapping newspapers around ice cream boxes... there is a big possibility that it'll stay cold.

How many cars does ice cube have?

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Why does an ice cube melt faster on top of bottle full of water versus an empty water bottle?

Ice cube requires heat to melt.Water conducts heat well. Therefore the temperature of the environment is absorbed by the water and the some of the distributed heat is taken by the cube and it melts.Air is an insulator. The only way heat from surroundings can go to the ice cube INSIDE the water bottle is by convection of air currents. But the convection is restricted to some extent by the almost closed water bottle, which has high(compared to cube size) plastic walls (plastic: heat insulator) on all sides and a narrow mouth. Therefore the convection and thus passing of heat to cube from surroundings is slow and this makes the ice melt slower in the empty water bottle.

Is ice an insulator?


Why does ice wrapped in newspapers do not melt easily?

The newspaper insulates the ice from heat.