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A good insurance settlement means that the recipient of the settlement receives a fair amount in compensation for the event or accident. An insurance adjuster or attorney may help in getting a good insurance settlement.

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: What is a good insurance settlement?
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What is the process after accepting salvage settlement from insurance company when car is in good running condition?

You must turn in keys and title to the insurance company once they have paid you for the loss - regardless of the condition of the vehicle. It is your choice to accept or not the settlement.

How can you change a signed auto insurance settlement?

You don't. A signed settlement is a legal binding agreement between you and the insurance company.

What exactly is a sell structured insurance settlement?

Keyword: sell structured insurance settlementJ&RQuestion: What exactly is a sell structured insurance settlement? What a sell structured insurance settlement means is that instead of getting a lump sum payment, you will receive as a claimant in the case of personal injury, a financial agreement or settlement.

Does your landlord have to repay the insurance company fo your renters insurance settlement?


I signed an auto insurance settlement for medical. can I change my mind?

No, by signing the settlement you are waving the insurance company and the opperator from any further liability.

Do you know anyone that has had to wait on a life insurance settlement?

Their is usually some waiting period for a life insurance settlement, but it usually does not take a long time. If too much time goes by without receiving your settlement, I would contact the life insurance company.

Do you pay taxes on auto insurance settlement for bodily injury?

No. This type of settlement is not generally taxable.

Do you pay taxes on a business insurance settlement from a fire?


Do you have to pay taxes on a health insurance policy settlement?


What is average insurance settlement for a broken finger?


Do you pay taxes on the settlement of an insurance claim?

You do not generally have to pay taxes on an insurance settlement claim. You can check with your tax firm or accountant for the rules specific to your state.

What is the average insurance settlement for broken bone injury in Georgia?

What is the aveage insurance settlement for broken bone injuries that required surgery and screws placed in the bone.

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