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What is a good list of things for a scavenger hunt party?

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  1. Pox Cemetery Sign
  2. Crazy Anne's
  3. With Mikki D's Worker
  4. Cart Race in Pamida
  5. Pic w/ Cole Bucher!
  6. Working the corner
  7. Hitch hiking (holding a sign that says 'Lake Titicaca or


  8. TPing a teachers house
  9. Baking in a stranger oven
  10. Ordering water threw a drive threw
  11. Having supper with a random family in a restaurant
  12. By a pipestone sign
  13. By the monument waterfall
  14. By the three maidens
  15. At the Ihlen dam
  16. With a police officer eating a donut
  17. Handcuffed by a cop
  18. With blue tongues
  19. On a couch in the street
  20. In a human pyramid (at least 3 leavels)
  21. Chillin in a kiddy pool
  22. Saran Wrapped together
  23. Playin at a park
  24. In a strangers tree house/play set
  25. A guy/gurl giving you his boxers/thong
  26. A guy/gurl giving you his #
  27. Laying on the ground spelling a word w/ your bodies
  28. Pumping gas 4 a random person
  29. Group fit under 1 picnic table
  30. Folding laundry for a stranger at the laundry mat
  31. Bagging groceries 4 someone at Skanks
  32. Arm Wrestling a stranger
  33. In a bathroom stall or portapotty
  34. Climbing a chain link fence
  35. Whole team in a shower (extra point 4 every extra person)
  36. Everyone w/ clothes inside-out
  37. Everyone eating from the same dog bowl
  38. In an empty field lookin lost holding a big map
  39. Playing chubby bunny
  40. Grass sledding down a hill
  41. One person holding up 2 other ppl
  42. Having a slinky race
  43. On a riding lawn mower
  44. Someone tied up and gagged in a trunk
  45. In a cardboard boat in water
  46. Hanging from rafters
  47. On a bridge (NOT IHLEN ONE!)
  48. Dog sniffing a team members butt
  49. Team name carved into a tree
  50. Fight w/ flowers
  51. Coming outta a storm drain
  52. Buying something from a store w/ Monopoly Money
  53. Teammate proposing to a stranger (extra point if its Cole


  54. Falling down stairs
  55. Ding-Dong-Ditch someone
  56. With mustaches
  57. On a tramp (everyone must be in midair
  58. Under a bed
  59. Everyone in a tree (extra point if you have a cat)
  60. On the pony at Loopeys
  61. Crossing the street duckling style
  62. Jay-walking
  63. Jail cell at the Ihlen park
  64. Whole team riding one bike
  65. Cow Tipping
  66. Tied-up laying on train tracks
  67. In Mikki Ds jungle-Jim
  68. Entire Team sitting on 1 chair
  69. hanging by their knees from a tree
  70. at a fire station
  71. Entire Team's reflection in something other than a mirror
  72. in a group hug
  73. in front of a movie theater
  74. with spoons hanging off of noses
  75. wearing lamp shades on their heads
  76. wearing tin foil hats
  77. in a doghouse
  78. doing hand stands
  79. outside of a gas station
  80. jumping off a swings
  81. doing the human wheel barrows
  82. in a elevator
  83. wearing hard hats
  84. spinning on a merry-go-round
  85. delivering a meal to a person in a restaurant
  86. with a Subway employee
  87. Team with a pastor
  88. Trick-or-Treating
  89. w/ shaving cream/ whipped cream beards
  90. leg wrestling
  91. playing baseball / softball on baseball / softball field
  92. Having a pillow fight

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