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A motto is a short phrase that expresses a guiding principle for an organization or person. A good motto for nature would be one that expresses a view on saving nature like nurture nature.

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Q: What is a good motto for nature?
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What is AVEBE's motto?

AVEBE's motto is 'Innovation by Nature'.

What is the motto of Tree Hill Nature Center?

Tree Hill Nature Center's motto is 'Green Your Imagination'.

What is Boucherville's motto?

The motto of Boucherville is 'Nature, heritage and the art of life'.

What is Kansas State University's motto?

Kansas State University's motto is 'Rule by Obeying Nature's Laws'.

What is Apeejay Noida's motto?

The motto of Apeejay Noida is ''Soaring High is my Nature''.

What is Thunder Bay's motto?

Thunder Bay's motto is 'Superior by Nature / The Gateway To The West'.

What is the motto of Boucherville?

Boucherville's motto is 'Nature, patrimoine et art de vivre'.

What is Miss Indonesia Earth's motto?

The motto of Miss Indonesia Earth is 'Beauty and Nature'.

What is Apeejay School Nerul's motto?

The motto of Apeejay School Nerul is ''Soaring High is my Nature''.

What is Coimbatore Institute of Technology's motto?

Coimbatore Institute of Technology's motto is 'Nature in the service of man'.

What is Norwegian Trekking Association's motto?

Norwegian Trekking Association's motto is 'Nature experiences for life'.

What is Isabela State University's motto?

Isabela State University's motto is 'The university of people and nature!'.