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If you mean what nail polish can you use to strenghten your nails: I have thin brittle nails. Over the years I have used every commercial "nail hardener" product out there, and none of them made my nails significantly harder. Getting acrylic nails is the only real solution I have found. After the initial treatment, they are only about $15 every 2-3 weeks, so you can have gorgeous nails without spending a lot of money.

If you mean what is a good way to make my nail polish last longer: It's very limited. You can put a fresh layer of top coat or clear polish over your nails every day, and let it dry completely. This will help, but normally nail polish on your natural nails chips after 3-5 days, anyway. Again, acrylic nails will help here as well. Nail polish adheres to acrylic much better and will last at least 4 weeks on acrylic nails.

i am told that no is it not because you lose the natural grease on more of the inside of your nail.

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Q: What is a good nail polish strengthener?
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Do you put nail strengthener on top or under nail polish?

you put it under nail polish

Do clear polish grow your nails?

No, You Would Need To Get A Special Nail Polish To Do That. Clear Nail polish Is Used Either As A Base Coat Or A Top Coat Or A Nail Strengthener.

Where can one purchase Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream?

One can purchase Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream from the official site of Barielle Cosmetics Canada. There one can find the nail strengthener cream for only $19. The rating of this cream is very good,a whole 5 stars.

Do you have to put on french polish before nail varnish?

Nail varnish is the coloured polish, and that goes on first. The french polish is just a see-through layer that is a strengthener/hardener to make the coloured varnish last longer and that goes on top after you have applied 1 to 2 coats of the coloured nail polish.

Where can one purchase a Barielle nail strengthener?

Barielle nail strengthener cream can be purchased on Amazon. It is formulated to help strengthen nails with ingredients that make them healthier and keep them from cracking or chipping.

Is it good to file nail polish off?

No because while your filing your nail polish off, your damaging the top layer of your nail

What can you use to get black nail polish out of a carpet?

probably acetone, or a really good nail polish remover

How long does Sephora nail polish last?

A week, like any other good nail polish.

What are some good stick on nails that require no glue?

nail paint or polish, clear nail polish

Is eyeshadow good for your nails to create nail polish?

Yes, eyeshadow can be used to create nail polish.

Why do women wear red nail polish?

A lot of women wear red nail polish because red looks good with most skin tones and women like their nail polish to look good

How does nail polish remover work chemically?

Nail polish remover contains acetone which is a very good organic solvent. It dissolves the nail polish and helps to clean it off.

How do you liquify dried up nail polish?

I would just add a few drops of nail polish remover. It has worked for me! Just add a few drops of nail polish remover into the drying nail polish and give it a few good shakes!

What two nail polish colors make whit nail polish?

sparkle white+christmas snow=white nail polish nail polish nail polish

How do you graw nail faster?

nail strengthener. also, there are vitamins that help. they're call hair, nail, and skin vitamins usually.

Which nail polish brand lasts longer without chipping?

I find almost any brand lasts weeks without chipping when I apply the OPI Nail Envy nail strengthener on top. Its pretty much just a hardener, but with the great quality that comes with the OPI name. Also, after removing or before applying nail polish, rubbing some olive oil on your nails naturally strengthens your nails and gives the polish a nice, even surface.

Can you get the Alice in Wonderland nail polish collection at duane reade?

I know you can get Alice and Wonderland nail polish from O.P.I. Theyre a very good brand and have strong and long lasting nail polish.

How do you get pink nail polish out of clothes?

use nail polish remover it works good any kind would work

Which nail polish comes off faster and quicker?

Any nail polish of good brand comes off faster.

How do your nails grow strong and longer Use green tea nail polish green tea strengthener and maximum nail polish. Trust me you should see my nails. Also wear gloves when you wash dishes?

AnswerSee I used to bite my nails uncontrolably and it was so hard for me to stop. But then one day i was putting nail polish on my nails and i messed up so I put some nail polish remover on my nails and then i went over to bite them and i really couldn't the nail polish remover tasted the worst i hated it so now my nails are nice and long.

What does a clear polish do?

Clear nail polish is a special coat of nail polish to protect the other coat of nail polish

How do you remove nail polish from a blanket?

try rubbing in nail polish remover if you're that concerned, then wash it in a machine when it dries. your blanket state won't be good as new, but better than with nail polish on it.

Is black nail polish good?

If you like it, it's good.

What is fizz nail polish?

Fizz nail polish is not a different type of nail polish, its just the Companys Name (the Company produces the fizz nail polish).

Why is it hard to remove nail polish from the nail?

the chemicals in the nail polish stick to the nail

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