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What is a good present for a sixteen year old girl?


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May 28, 2014 11:24PM

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A good present for a 16 year old girl would be

If she's a family friend

- Clothing (nothing even vaguely revealing, something conservative that looks good, like a jacket, or a coat.

- A book (pick carefully, not all girls are Twilight girls, some girls like crime fiction, or sci fi, pick something that she will like)

- A handbag (ask one of her friends to help you with this)

If you are close friends or her boyfriend

- a bottle of her favourite perfume

- A framed photograph of the both of you

- A CD from her favourite band

- A poster from a band or movie or something that she likes

- A dress, jacket, some form of clothing (tread carefully, though, DO NOT PICK ANYTHING EVEN TOO REVEALING, IT WILL DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD, make sure that it's something that she will like. And be very careful with the size, it is very easy to hurt girls feelings like this. Ask one of her friends to help you)

- A handbag (ask one of her friends to help you with this)

Hope that this helps

Sources: 2 sisters and a very deep knowledge of what girls like