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What is a good question to ask?


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You should ask a question about what you want or need to know, nothing more and nothing less.

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Questions should serve useful purposes. A good question to ask is a question to which you would like to know the answer.

yes you can but after you ask the question you can not answer it but a good idea is to ask the question again in you conclusion

thats a good question.

You can ask how do you like school that would be my answer it's a good qEstion

A good question to ask on WikiAnswers would be a question that has enough information for somebody to answer it. A good question should also not be frivolous, such that the answer it generates will be a valuable asset to others in Google searches.

It depends on what kind of question you're asking. If you ask a good question, you get a good answer. If you ask an utterly stupid question you get an even stupider answer.

A good question to ask your science teacher about space is, What is the name of Saturn's largest moon.

You should ask WikiAnswers anything you want. A good question to ask is one that is grammatically correct, and error-free with good spelling, and one that can be interpreted by pretty much anyone. As long as the average user can interpret what you are saying, it is a good question to ask WikiAnswers. There isn't a such thing as a stupid question here on WikiAnswers.

ask "Who invented cricket and when "?

Anything. It should be something youre curious about. That's the best question to ask.

that is a trick question, the only question you should ask him is, " another beer?"

thats a good question. yes you can. especially if its a good question that never leaves the topic of that particular question. for example. if you ask a question like: how many days are in popular in most months? they would respond, 30. but you should only ask a question that you are really putting your mind to.

what are some good safety question in oilfield or pipeline that i can ask ?

What good is this website when you ask a question and you cant answer it and have to type the question again!

You can ask anything you like. Whether a question is good or bad doesn't really matter (so long as it's not gibberish !). Even if you think your question is trivial or silly - someone out there will probably have a good answer for it. So - go ahead and ask away. We will answer if we can.

You ask a good question and you have your answer.

a good question to ask a girl would be 'hi how are you my name is.......' but if she a close friend then ask her this 'hi (her name) would you like to go out with me' and she is most likely to say YES

If your topic is oil spills in the ocean 'How was oil spilled in the Mississippi River?' is not a good question to ask.

One good question to ask your grandfather is, why are oldies so wise?

He is deaf, therefor he cannot hear your question.

Not what you just asked! What is a sport played in Japan? (the question that was there is the answer)

Yes, why did you ask such a question?

By being a specific as you can about what it is that you wish to know.

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