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Some tips for a healthy lifestyle would firstly be to examine what is wrong with your current lifestyle and fix it around that. Whether it may be from a lack of exercise or a poor diet, you should start from there.

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Q: What is a good way to lead a healthy lifestyle?
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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy?

If you know what to eat and how to take care of yourself, it is easy to stay healthy. Each day you should try to get at least three to four fruits and vegetables in your diet. Farmer's markets in the summer are a good way to get fresh, healthy foods. A good night's sleep is also important so you are not tired during the day. Exercise regularly and you can lead a normal, healthy lifestyle.

What is lifestyle?

It is the way a person lives their life. For instance a person may lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating right. Other people may lay on the couch all day eating potato chips and getting fat, this would be a poor lifestyle.

What can an eating disorder lead to?

An eating disorder can lead to many severe health problems. With anorexia you may loose weight but not in a good or healthy way.

What is a good way to motivate a family to exercise?

The best way to convince your family to exercise is by communicating to them. Be sure you are buying healthy foods so they can make good food choices. Lead the way!

I had an eating disorder but recovered i lead a healthy lifestyle with strenuous daily exercise but am still 10lb overweight How can you lose weight after recovering from an eating disorder?

you lose it in a healthy way. you don't let it take over your life, and you don't get obsessed. you lose weight just to be healthy, not thin.

What obstacle can not get in the way of your healthy lifestyle?

Having too much energy. Explanation: correct answer on APEX

How does a healthy lifestyle begin?

A healthy lifestyle begins in our mind. If we change our mind then the actions will follow, most people try to do it the other way and that's why they get frustrated and give up. Being healthy means watching what we eat and exercising regularly. Also realize that a healthy lifestyle doesn't just happen, it takes effort, you have to be committed to yourself. It really is about making the right choices over and over for a period of time that will help you develop that healthy lifestyle that you are looking for. You will have bad days and have some failures but if you realize you are worth it then you will get back on track.

What are some safe and healthy ways to lose weight where I don't have to completely change my lifestyle?

You can exercise. Exercising helps to lose weight and eating healthy. Fruits and vegetables are a good way to lose weight as well as maintaining your three meals a day.

What Happens if you are curious?

Curiosity! is a very natural and healthy way of learning about life in general also about yourself, and the things you are probably capable of achieving throughout your lifetime. Healthy Mind, Healthy Lifestyle.

What is a good way to relax and de-stress so that you can get more sleep?

The best way of relieving stress is exercise. The more demanding the exercise, the more stress you will relieve and the more tired you will be. This will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is the easy way to get thin?

There is no easy way. You want to lose weight, you need plenty of determination and dedication to get into the habit of making healthy lifestyle choices.

How does diet and exercise affect BMI?

If you have a lifestyle which includes a lot of watching TV and eating lots of junk food then most people would have a rating of overweight but if you are the other way round and you have a very energetic lifestyle which includes lots of running and eating healthy then may get a rating of underweight but if you have an average lifestyle which includes doing some exercises (not to many) and eating a bit healthy (but no healthy.