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What is a government representative to a foreign country called?


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We call a representative to a foreign country an ambassador.


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The person is called the representative of that country <><><> The Ambassador, or Consul

A government which is based on a representative democracy is called a Democracy.

The representative of one government to another is called an ambassador or an attache'.

The representative form of government that Rome had was called the Republic.

The type of government that is used in the country of Ecuador is called a Presidential Representative Democratic Republic. The country is led by a President who has executive power over its people.

A foreign country is any other country than your own.

A diplomat who resides in a foreign country where he represents his home country is called an ambassador. In many cases there is an embassy of various foreign governments within any given country. They as a group represent the country of their origin. They are classified as foreign service representatives or diplomats. Normally the top foreign service person is an ambassador.

Representative government. Of course, there are many different types of Representative government - for instance, the People's Republic of China, the United States of American, and the United Kingdom all have a form of representative government, though the details (and result) differ greatly.

A government in which people have power is called a democracy. It can also be a representative republic. People elect representatives to vote their will.

Yes this Country is called, Xshitshitshit

If you mean the United States, it was originally founded as a "Representative Republic" but devolved into a "Representative Democracy."

Citizens of their home country who spend time, usually a job assignment, in a foreign country are called expatriates.

It depends on whether you live there or not. If you do not live there, it is a foreign country. If you live there, it is not a foreign country. Instead, it is called a mother country. ex)A person who lives in America would call Norway a foreign country because he or she does not live there. In contrast, a person who lives in Norway would call Norway his or her mother country because he or she lives there.

No it is not, it is a country with its own constitution, its own government, including the senate and house of commons, with the elected leader called the Prime Minister, we do have a representative called the Governor General who represents the Queen of Great Britain.

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