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The collective nouns for a group of bears are a pack of bears, a maul of bears, a sleuth of bears, or a sloth of bears.

The collective nouns group of polar bears are a celebration of polar bears, an aurora of polar bears, a pack of polar bears.

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What is a group of bears?

A group of bears is called a sleuth or a sloth.

What is a group of male bears called?

A group of bears ... no matter what their gender ... is called a sleuth.

If a group of bears is a sloth or sleuth what are 100 bears called?

It would be called the same thing. Unless it is a group of polar bears, then it would be called a Celebration. On the lighter side: A group of 100 bears would be called an uprising, and a time to panic, if you ask me!

What is a group of grizzly bears called?

A sleuth or a sloth of bears

If dogs are canines what are bears?

All bears are in a group called ursine.

What is a group of panda bears called?


What is a group of brown bears called?

Sleuth or Sloth

What is the group name given to a bear?

Bears found in groups are referred to as a sloth of bears or a sleuth of bears unless they are polar bears in which case they are then called a pack of bears.

What is a group grizzly bears called?

a slueth or a maul

Where are the 50s and 60s singing group 'the Teddy Bears'?

Yea They Were Actually Called Teddybears. Not The Teddy Bears.

What is the formal name for a group of bears?

A group of bears, is sometimes referred to as a sloth, or sleuth of bears.

What is a group of polar bears called?

Polar bears are solitary and free-ranging. They do not live in organized groups, except when a mother is with her cubs. Although they do sometimes congregate together for breeding or feeding, in which case the group is called a Celebration. In the autumn of the year hundreds of these bears congregate in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada in a Celebration.

What phylum do bears have?

A phylum is the second largest way of grouping the animal kingdom. Bears are animals, so they belong in the Kingdom Animalia. Bears are also in a special group called Chordata (pronounced core-data), which is the same group as Humans, Birds, Fish, Mice and Lizards. Chordata is the phylum bears belong to.

What is grizzly bears group called?

Bears don't live in groups. Males are always alone except when mating with a female. Females are alone except when she has cubs

It's a pride of lions a sloth of bears and a herd of elephants What is it for rhinos?

A group or herd of rhinos is called: A crash

What do you call a group of polar bears?

Same for other bears: a sleuth, sloth or litter of polar bears.

What are mom polar bears called?

Mom bears are called sows.

What is a family of bears called?

a family of bears is called a sleuth.

Why are sun bears called sun bears?

Sun bears are called sun bears because of their bib-shaped orange patches on their chests.

Why are the Chicago Bears called the Bears?

because the word bears is in the word Chicago BEARS.

What is the name of a group of bears?

a clan

A ketone bears a negative charge on what atom of the carbonyl group?

ketone bears negative charge on the oxygen atom of the carbonyl group.

Are there girl bears?

Yes. These "girl bears" are called sows or "she-bears."

What are ice bears?

Polar bears are called ice bears by some.

What are bears called?

bears. animals. Grizzly?