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The collective nouns for a group of bears are a pack of bears, a maul of bears, a sleuth of bears, or a sloth of bears.

The collective nouns group of polar bears are a celebration of polar bears, an aurora of polar bears, a pack of polar bears.
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What is the name of groups of bears?

A group of bears is called a sloth, a term first used in 1452, according to The Oxford English Dictionary. The actual phrase was "A Slouthe of Beerys" The word sloth derives from the Middle English term for slow, but it is a mystery as to why early writers thought that a group of bears moved s ( Full Answer )

What is a group of polar bears called?

Polar bears are solitary and free-ranging. They do not live in organized groups, except when a mother is with her cubs. Although they do sometimes congregate together for breeding or feeding, in which case the group is called a Celebration. In the autumn of the year hundreds of these bears congre ( Full Answer )

Why is root bear called root bear?

Root bear is called root bear because of a root tea that the personwho invented it drank. He enjoyed the tea so much that he wanted tomake his own version as a soft drink. It was during prohibition,and by naming it root beer, he hoped those who were drinking rumwould turn to his non alcoholic drink. ( Full Answer )

What are a group of goats peococks bears cattle ducks called?

A group of ducks is a flock or team. A group of peacocks is a flock, muster or ostentation. A group of goats is a herd or tribe. A group of cattle is a herd or drove. A group of bear is a sleuth. These terms are not definite, merely common. There will bevariation in use based on region and country. ( Full Answer )

Why do polar bears get called polar bears?

Polar bears live at the polar region (the Arctic) of the world, and are only found there, unlike other bears. This is why they're called "polar bears." The polar bear is called a polar bear because it is a bear, andlives in the area of North pole in the Arctic. So Don't Be Fooled When You Think That ( Full Answer )

What age group is care bears for?

Care Bear's are said to be for ages 3 - 9 years of age. However, there are children, teenagers, and even adults who take intrest in the Care Bears, due to the moral value of the show, and other characteristics.

What is panda bears animal group?

The answer is bear family. For years scientist have wondered where they came from and now they have noticed its DNA is from bears!

Why are teddy bears called teddy bears?

Teddy bears are named after Teddy Roosevelt, former U.S. president. The story goes that on a hunting expedition, he saved a baby bear. It became a fad in the U.S., and the popularity of the Teddy Bear continues to this day. Teddy bears are named after the American President Teddy Roosevelt. He spare ( Full Answer )

Why is a bear market called bear?

Most people agree that the words "Bull" and "Bear" came from fights in the Midwest they would chain a bear to a stake, and release a bull to charge it. the bull would thrust its horns "up" into the bear to win, while the bear would bite "down" on the bull to win. Thus the terms "Bullish" and "Bearis ( Full Answer )

Why are Black bears called Black bears?

The first biologist to conduct a survey of animals in North America (1700s) saw only individuals with black coats (almost all bears east of the Mississippi have black coats) so he named them 'Black bears'. Only much later did the investigations in the western regions reveal bears of the same species ( Full Answer )

Why is Bear Grylls called Bear?

Bear Grylls was christened Edward. Then when he was a few days old his sister called him Teddy, then that became Bear.

What bears are called moon bears?

The Asian black bear, also known as the moon bear or white-chested bear,is a medium-sized species of bear, largely adapted for arboreal life, seen across much of the Himalayas and the northern parts of the Indian Subcontinent, Korea, northeastern China, the Russian far east and the Honshū and Sh ( Full Answer )

Why are bears called bears?

I would guess because when they make noise, it sounds like they are saying "bear." Just watch some youtube videos...

Why are panda bears called panda bears?

Whether pandas are bears or raccoons, or even an entire new species has been a debated question for years, but most scientists think they are bears.

Who was Sugar Bear in the group Mandrill?

Brian Allsop, introduced as "Sugar Bear" by Carlos Wilson on an episode of Soul Train, played bass for Mandrill between 1975 and 1977. Not much more info is available on him, except that he played for several other groups, and I believe he was a studio musician for the Village People. I don't think ( Full Answer )

Why are panda bears called bears?

It is important to understand that the taxonomy (classification andgrouping) of animals can change over time. When first described byEuropean scientists, giant pandas were classified as bears or ursid(a family of carnivores ) in the mammal class of vertebrateanimals. Then for a few decades, scientis ( Full Answer )

Why do you call the Chicago Bears the bears?

After George Halas moved the team to Chicago, he named them after baseball's Chicago Cubs. The Bears originally played in Wrigley Field, the Cubs' home park.

Does a panda bear hunt in a group?

No. Pandas are solitary, and pretty much only comes together for mating. And if you're asking about the big panda they're almost exclusively herbivores and don't do much, if any hunting.

Why is the order of the bear called order of the bear?

king aurthor and the knights of the round table will one day return but his evil step brother modred will try and stop him from returning because he was jelous of sir lancealot and princesess guineverre.

Do they call a group of bears a den?

No. A den is where they live and bears don't live in groups. They only seek out other bears for mates. Otherwise they live alone unless they are a mother and her cubs.

What is the group name given to a bear?

Bears found in groups are referred to as a sloth of bears or a sleuth of bears unless they are polar bears in which case they are then called a pack of bears.

Was there ever a bear called the cave bear?

Yes. The cave bear ( Ursus spelaeus ) was a species of bear that lived in Europe during the Pleistocene and became extinct at the beginning of the Last Glacial Maximum about 27,500 years ago. Both the name cave and the scientific name spelaeus derive from the fact that fossils of this specie ( Full Answer )

In what group is the polar bear?

The family Ursidae, which includes all bear species. The polar bear is related to the brown bears.

Why are koalas called bears when they are not bears?

Koalas have some resemblance to a teddy bear, hence the nickname. In Australia, they are not known as "koala bears". This term began to be phased out during the mid-twentieth century, but has remained popular with overseas visitors.

Why is teddy bear called teddy bear?

a teddy bear is named after our president Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore found a bear and refused to shoot it so the teddy bear is a symbol of Theodore.

What is a polar bear group of animals called?

Polar Bears belong to the Bearfamily. Their scientific name is ursus maritmus which is Latin for maritime bear and refers to their natural habitat. They are native to the Arctic Circle -Arctic Ocean and its surrounding seas and land masses

Why are polar bear call polar bear?

Polar Bears live in cold/arctic climates, and because the coldestclimates are near the Earth's poles, they are named Polar Bears.

What is the group name of polar bear?

There is no "group name" for polar bears. However the Order that apolar bear belongs in is Carnivora and the Family name is Ursa.

What is a polar bear travel group called?

Polar bears don't travel in groups, they are solitary animals. Females travel with their cubs until they've grown enough to manage on their own, but that's about it.

Why are a group of polar bears called a celebration?

Polar bears are solitary animals, so there is not an officiallyrecognized word for 'herd of polar bears', just as there is no wordfor 'herd of crocodiles'. In cases where other species of bearscommonly live together, a group is called a 'sloth' (don't ask).Probably at some point someone just came up ( Full Answer )