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The answer for a group of home work is actually called a slew!

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Q: What is a group of homework called?
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Who do you get your homework answers from?

I get my homework answers from myself. As in... I do my homework myself (Unless it is meant for a group.)

What are people who share a common culture called?

The answer is ethnic group that's funny this is on my homework

Work that is not completed in school is called?


Why is homework called homework?

Homework is a compound word made up of the two words home and work. Homework is called this simply because it is supposed to be done at home.

What is holiday homework called in Hindi?

In Hindi, holiday homework can be called Avkaash grahkarya.

What is a cell death called?

A cell dies when there is not enough food for it to grow or when it is boiled i dont know why it is but i need the answer for my biology homework :(

What is homework called in Hindi?


Is homework an abstract uncountable noun?

No, the noun 'homework' is simply a common, compound, abstract noun, a word for a thing.A collective noun is a word used to group people or things taken together as one whole. The collective noun for homework is a slew of homework.The noun 'homework' is an uncountable noun called an aggregate noun, a word representing an indefinite number of elements or parts.

What is it called when stone gets wet?

who invented homework?? i hate them!! i dont have a clue what to do on my science homework about weathering!? what is it called when stone gets wet by rain? huh got to go more homework to do!! :):(

What is called holiday homework in sanskrit?


What is school assignments that you do after school called?

Homework. You are supposed to do it at home but it doesn't matter where you do it, it's still homework.

Do teachers give you 10 minutes to do homework?

If they want to. They're not legally required to give you any time in class to do homework; it's called homework for a reason.