What is a group of jellyfish called?

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A group of jellyfish is called a "smack".
A group of jellyfish is sometimes called a bloom or a swarm.A group of jellyfish is sometimes called a bloom or a swarm.
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What are jellyfish?

A jellyfish is an animal in the cnidarian phylum along withanemones and other creatures with nematocysts (stinging cells).Some are tiny and some can grow very large (i.e. the lion's manejelly). All jellyfish have nematocysts, however some jelliespossess very weak nematocysts meant for tiny prey like ( Full Answer )

Why are jellyfish called jellyfish?

It is called a jellyfish because it lives in the sea, although itisn't a fish. The "jelly" comes from the texture of its body, whichis wet and slimy, similar to jelly. Their physical characteristics resemble those of jelly. They have awatery texture (although you wouldn't want to go and touch one),a ( Full Answer )

What do jellyfish do?

An important echologic role of jellyfishes is the control over the fish population, by eating their larvae.

Where are jellyfish from?

jellyfish actually came from the Lord in the heavens who made everything all the universe even me and you and if I were you I would accept in your life and Christianity is NOT A RELIGON it is actually a relationship with the alpha and omega begining and end and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EVOLUTION yo ( Full Answer )

What does a jellyfish not have?

A jellyfish is an invertebrate and as such, has no spine or bones.A jellyfish also has no brain.

What are jellyfish babies called?

An immature jellyfish is called ephyra . From the egg of a jellyfish, hatches a larva called planula .

What are a group of jellyfish called?

They are actually called a smack of jellyfish but you may have heard a wobble of jellyfish and a herd of jellyfish but these are all wrong. The group of Jelly fish is called " smack " and the baby jelly fish groups are called ephyra A group of jellyfish is sometimes called a bloom or a swarm.

Can a hydroxyl group be called a carbonyl group?

No, a hydroxyl group is different than a carbonyl group. A hydroxyl group is an O-H group, while a carbonyl group is a C=O (double bond) group. Perhaps you are thinking of a carboxyl group, which is a sort of hybrid of the 2 groups. Carboxyl groups are C-O-O-H, essentially a merge of the hydroxyl an ( Full Answer )

If a group of women is called a harem what is a group of men called?

The word Harem is Hebrew for forbidden, so the word is not specifying man or woman. It was however used to describe the quarters of women as being Harem or forbidden. The men who had women as slaves, servants, and wives owned them as property so they were also considered Harem property. If you a ( Full Answer )

Do jellyfish travel in groups?

Most Jellyfish do. But as for other species that scientist are not aware of, they do not know.

Where are jellyfish?

jellyfish live in the ocean. they are meat eaters. they are made od 96% water 3% protein and 1% minerals

What taxonomic group do jellyfish belong in?

Kingdom - Animalia. Phylum - Cnidaria. Subphylum - Medusozoa. Class - Scyphozoa. Order - Anthomedusae. Suborder - Filifera. These are only rough and I don't know the Family, Genus or Species yet but this is enough. No? (May not be 100% Correct!)

Where can you get jellyfish?

The best place to buy a jellyfish is Jellyfishart.com. They ship tanks and jellyfish anywhere in the US.

What is a jellyfish'?

A floating jar of jelly with tentacles. Its like a blob with tentacles. DON'T touch it and stay at a safe distance because it stings.

Where can you get a jellyfish?

Mostly in water such as ocean, seas, but some can live in rivers and lakes. But not all around the word... just some parts.

Why do jellyfish called jellyfish?

just a jellyfish is probably called a jellyfish because it's has the word jelly (because of his skin and or texture is like jelly) and fish is in there just (because the jellyfish live in the ocean with the fishes). but no, jellyfishes aren't real fishes..

What are the stingers on jellyfish called?

Every jellyfish tentacle is covered with cells called cnidoblasts.These cnidoblasts cover the nematocysts that contain the stingingthreads.

Do jellyfish hunt in groups?

Jellyfish don't hunt they just wait for fod to run into it, but sometimes you'll find them in big groups. hope this helps :)

How do jellyfish get?

they kiss for too long and find a baby in the cabbage patch the next day

Why is the moon jellyfish called the moon jellyfish?

people say that the reason why it is called the moon jellyfish because of its shape and the moon jellyfish is also known as a saucer jellyfish becaus it looks like a saucer and its arms are reallyshort that you proably coudnt see them and thy just look flat and round at the top and that is why they ( Full Answer )

Why do we have jellyfish?

Same reason we have any other animal. They're just here, sometimes helping the environment like bees helping pollination and such.

What S word is a group of jellyfish?

Smack, smuck or smuth all mean group of jellyfish. I presume the Question refers to 'Mail On Sunday' Trivial Pursuit quiz, where the answer is SMACK. swarm

What are jellyfish venemous cells called?

The stinging capsule of a jellyfish, or anything in Phylum Cnidaria, is called a Nematocyst. On the outside of the cell is a trigger hair, which, when brushed, will release a very sharp barb, which breaks of in the intruder's skin, adding greatly to the cause of the burning sensation of the relative ( Full Answer )

Why aren't octopuses and squids in the same group as jellyfish even though they both have tentacles?

The answer is very simple. Jellyfish are cnidarians. Octopi are not. Because the octopus does not have the same head structure as the jellyfish. Also octopi are cephalopods. They are closer to mollusks in the bases of things but the tentacles are different. Just because they have tentacles does not ( Full Answer )

One type of jellyfish is called a sea wasp How powerful is its sting?

Its sting is among the top most powerful in the jellyfish family. One sea wasp contain enough venom to kill up to 60 adult humans. Being stung invariably results in excruciating pain, and if the sting area is significant, an untreated victim may die in as little as 3 minutes. Far to little time ( Full Answer )

Why are there jellyfish?

if there wasnt jellyfish there would be to many plankton and not enough sea turtles and other things that ate jellyfish the food chain would be WAY out of wack

Why are some jellies not called jellyfish?

The common names of many animals preceded their classification intomodern taxonomy. Jellyfish-like organisms may still be calledjellyfish (Portuguese man-o'-war, a hydrozoan). Some jellyfish havenames that differentiate them from other jellyfish (sea nettles).

Why are jellyfish called plankton?

Because Plankton and jellyfish aren't much different, they have nuclei and are both wntt to who treat the yellow colliouers not western European speciea.

What are the stinging cells of a moon jellyfish called?

Nematocytes. The actual stinger is a sub-cellular organelle of the nematocyte cell, called a nematocyst. A nematocyst is a non-living secretion of the cell (like a human hair, or a bird's feather). It consists of a sac filled with venom and a long inverted tube. When triggered by the right combinati ( Full Answer )

What group do jellyfish fall into?

They aren't actually fish; they're plankton. Jellyfish have no bones, brain, or heart. To see light, detect smells and orient themselves, they have rudimentary sensory nerves at the base of their tentacles. from discovery kids.com

What are clear jellyfish with no tentacles call?

A jellyfish that has no tentacles is probably a Nuda comb jelly of the genera Beroe or Neis . Unlike other comb jellies, species of Beroe and Neis swim around until they bump into suitable prey, which they then swallow. Swallowed prey is then torn to pieces by muscular contractions and specia ( Full Answer )

What groups are called the s group elements?

there are four group of elements s,p,d and f the s group of elements are the alkali metals and the alkali earth metals in the groups 1 and 2 respectively.that is,lithium,sodium,potassium,rubidium,cesium,beryllium,magnesium,calcium,strontium,barium,radium,

What do you call a poisinous jellyfish?

You might call a poisonous jellyfish a "jellyfish" because all of these animals are either venomous or poisonous or both. This is because a jellyfish needs venom in order to kill its prey so that it can eat.

Why are animals grouped into a group called invertebrates?

Animals that are invertebrates don't have spines. They include organisms like Arthropods and coelenterates. They are completely different from animals that are classed as vertebrates, which includes mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians.

Why is a jellyfish called a fish?

The English popular name jellyfish has been in use since1796. It was called a fish because it was found in the ocean.

Do medusa jellyfish live alone or in groups?

Both. Most medusa jellyfish are planktonic (free drifters) that arelargely at the whim of currents and tides of the marineenvironment. These somewhat arbitrary forces often result inindividuals becoming scattered and therefore solitary. However, several factors also allow gatherings of many individu ( Full Answer )

What is a group of pearls called called?

Well if they were all collected together you could have a "bag" ofpearls. However, when worn as a necklace this is called a "string"of pearls.