What is a group of leopards called?

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A group of leopards is called a leap or a prowl. Leopards, however, are mainly solitary creatures.
A leap
A group of leopards is called a leap (or lepe).
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What is a male leopard called?

A female leopard is called a leopardess, a baby leopard is called a cub, and a male leopard is simply called a leopard. A male leopard is called a leopard. (A female is a leopardess.) what a male leopard called

What is the name of a group of leopards called?

Leopards are essentially solitary animals but if they ever do come together in numbers they are called a leap of leopards. The link below gives the group names for some animals.

Why are they called snow leopards?

\nBecause they live in central Asian areas of mountains which are usually covered in snow, and have pale grey or brown fur, which camouflages them. Incidentally this leopard is also known as an Ounce.

What is a leopard?

the leopard is a big cat with spots. it eats zebras, wildebeest, antelope, gazelles, baby elephants, baby giraffes & baby buffalo. hyenas and lions will attack leopard for food but some adult male leopards will attack and kill hyenas. the leopard doesn't have any enemies exept man and gorillas. unli ( Full Answer )

What is the animal group name for the Leopard?

Latin name: Panthera pardus. The leopard is a member of the cat family.. The leopard is known as one of the big cats.. The leopard is a carnivore.. The leopard is a mammal.. The leopard is a vertebrate.. The leopard is closely related to the panther and the mountain lion.

What is a young one of a leopard called?

The young of leopards are called cubs. One of them is a cub. Thisis the same term that is used for other big cats, such as lions andtigers.

Where is leopards?

leopards are mostly found in Africa but can be found in other hot dry countries

Do leopards live in family groups?

No. They are very individual animals and protect their turf. They only seek another leopard when they want to mate and then the male doesn't stay with the female or cubs.

Why are snow leopards called ounce?

Copied From Wikipedia- Both the Latinised genus name, Uncia , and the occasional English name "ounce" are derived from the Old French once , originally used for the European lynx . " Once " itself is believed to have arisen by back-formation from an earlier word " lonce " - the "L" of " l ( Full Answer )

What are leopards?

Leopards are one of the big cats in the wild; they are predators, and live in the small pockets of remaining preserved lands in Africa.

Can a hydroxyl group be called a carbonyl group?

No, a hydroxyl group is different than a carbonyl group. A hydroxyl group is an O-H group, while a carbonyl group is a C=O (double bond) group. Perhaps you are thinking of a carboxyl group, which is a sort of hybrid of the 2 groups. Carboxyl groups are C-O-O-H, essentially a merge of the hydroxyl an ( Full Answer )

Where is the leopard from?

The leopard is from Africa and Asia, they live in forests, mountains, grasslands, and deserts. there is a great site you can go to and find out almost any info about an animal. Its called www.sandiegozoo.org

Do leopards live in groups or alone?

most of the time but at night they stay alone because of their food they don't want to share anything with another animal so they stay alone most of the time but obviously baby leopards stay with their mother but then they leave so the answer to the question is that most of the times they do but not ( Full Answer )

What do you call an American leopard?

There is no such thing as an American leopard. The jaguar (similar in some ways) lives in south America, and Mexico (possible southern states). There are occasional sightings of ocleot however these cannot ever be described as leopards.

Can a leopard be called a leap?

A leopard as an individual cannot be called a leap; however, a group of leopards is called a leap.

What is the Leopard Seal young called?

The young are called pups. Pups rely on their mothers for food and protection, but soon when they grow up they can do it themselves!

Why is the leopard called a leopard?

because that's the name of the animal and it s a big cat proble to do with something i dont no a god or an famous thing and they named it leopard or when the first discovered the cats the called them leopards OK hope i helped

Are leopards moving in group?

Leopards usually hunt and move around on their own, however, can be known to hunt in packs.

Is there a moth called a leopard moth?

Yes, it's called Ecpantheria scribbonia, and it is a common species of tiger moth. It is white with black spots. (In Europe the term "leopard moth" refers to a carpenterworm moth species which has a similar pattern)

What is a leopard called in marathi?

A leopard ( Panthera pardus ) is called बिबळ्या (Biblyaa) in Marathi and तेन्दुआ (Tenduaa) in Hindi. The animal known as चीता (cheetaa) in Marathi and Hindi, is the Asiatic Cheetah ( Acinonyx jubatus venatic ( Full Answer )

Does a leopard live in groups?

Leopards are solitary living, peace loving and mysterious animals. They may be sometimes seen as couples during the mating seasons but mostly they like to live alone. They spend their time in sleeping on high trees during the day time and come out during night and hence has a better sight at the nig ( Full Answer )

What is male of leopard called?

A male leopard doesn't have a name, it is just referred to as a leopard. a female leopard is called a leopardess and a baby leopard is called a cub. hope that helped :)

What is the Northern Leopard Frog's call?

A rattling snore of at least 3 seconds is the call of the Northern Leopard Frog ( Rana pipiens , Lithobates pipiens ). Specifically, the voice of the Northern Leopard Frog begins quite softly, builds to a level of loudness and trails off. The call is heard during the warmer weather in late winte ( Full Answer )

What is the Southern Leopard Frog's call?

" Chu-h-h-h-huck, chu-h-h-h-huck, chu-h-h-h-huck " is the call of the Southern Leopard Frog ( Rana sphenocephala , Lithobates sphenocephalus ). Specifically, the voice of the Southern Leopard Frog is a rapidly repeated series of 5-10 guttural stutters. Its rate slows as temperatures drop. The cal ( Full Answer )

What is the Plains Leopard Frog's call?

" Chu-hu-huck, chu-hu-huck, chu-hu-huck " or " Hi-hi-hip, hi-hi, hip, hi-hi-hip " is the call of the Plains Leopard Frog ( Rana blairi , Lithobates blairi ). Specifically, the voice of the Plains Leopard Frog is a rapidly repeated series of 2-4 chucks. The chucks rise slightly but steadily in pit ( Full Answer )

What is the Relict Leopard Frog's call?

" Chuckleluck-chuckleluck-chuckleluck-chuckleluck " is the call of the Relict Leopard Frog ( Rana onca , Lithobates onca ). Specifically, the voice of the Relict Leopard Frog is a rapidly repeated series of chuckles and grating notes. It is similar to that call of the Lowland Leopard Frog ( R. ya ( Full Answer )

What is the Chiricahua Leopard Frog's call?

A snore ending in " chuck !" is the call of the Chiricahua Leopard Frog ( Rana chiricahuensis , Lithobates chiricahensis ). Specifically, the voice of the Chiricahua Leopard Frog lasts about a second. The call may be given above or below water. It is heard whenever water temperatures rise to or ( Full Answer )

What is the Lowland Leopard Frog's call?

" Chucklelah-chucklelah-chucklelah-chucklelah " and " rrraack " are the calls of the Lowland Leopard Frog ( Rana yavapaiensis , Lithobates yavapaiensis ). Specifically, the voice of the Lowland Leopard Frog tends to be a rapidly repeated series of chuckles. But another call is a grating sound t ( Full Answer )

Is there a super hero called The Blue Leopard?

Yes. Her secret identity isnt known though. She is very heroic. And yes. She is a girl. Unlike all creatures in the cat family, she can swim and enjoys it. The Blue Leopard has only two things known about her. One: Her name Two: She lives in a hot and humid place

Which animal is called the hunting leopard?

The animal that is called the hunting leopard is the Asiaticcheetah. It was a name given to those that were owned for huntingpurposes by British-Indian royalty.

What would a cheetah mixed wih a leopard and tiger be called?

im not too sure about a cheetah, leopard, and tiger will be but a tiger and a lion is a liger and it has actualy been breed in captivihere is a picture of itbut it is way to big and relies on captivity to be realsed into the wild.b this is the actual size. if you are intersted you can look on the sh ( Full Answer )

What is the sound a leopard makes called?

The leopard makes a variety of sounds, but its roar is a coughing grunt like sound, which reminds one of a saw cutting through wood, hence, the leopards main call is known as "sawing".

What is a group of pearls called called?

Well if they were all collected together you could have a "bag" ofpearls. However, when worn as a necklace this is called a "string"of pearls.