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A group of leopards is called a leap or a prowl. Leopards, however, are mainly solitary creatures.
A leap
A group of leopards is called a leap (or lepe).


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A group of leopards is called a leap.

Snow leopards are loners and never in a group.

Leopards are essentially solitary animals but if they ever do come together in numbers they are called a leap of leopards. The link below gives the group names for some animals.

A group of leopards is called a 'leap.' If you wish to add a number, for example, seven, it would be: 'A leap of seven leopards.'

The collective nouns for leopards are a leap of leopards, a lepe of leopards.

they dont live in groups so they don't have a group-name

A leopard as an individual cannot be called a leap; however, a group of leopards is called a leap.

A group of leopards constitutes a leap. A leap of leopards.

They are called leopards too.

The word for a group of leopards is 'leap.' So, you could say, 'a leap of leopards.'

Baby snow leopards are called cubs.

Raise money and donate to a wildlife conservation group that protects leopards.

Leopards usually hunt and move around on their own, however, can be known to hunt in packs.

Because their markings are cloud shaped!

well,they are white like snow, live in snowy mountains, and they're leopards!

No. The cheetah is not in the group called "Panthera", which are roaring big cats. This group is the tiger, lion, leopard and jaguar. Cheetahs form their own group, Acinonyx Jubatus.

In Africa and Asia they are called leopards (Panthera pardus) and in South America they are called black jaguars (Panthera onca).

Baby leopards are called cubs.

leopards are related to the cat family

Leopards are Species: Panthera pardus

A "prowl" is the name given to a group of leopards; other common "group" names include: a "pride" of lions, a "school" of fish, a "herd" of sheep... less common, perhaps, are a "lark" of nightingales and a "murder" of crows!

Ocelots are much smaller than leopards, and belong to the genus Felidae, whereas the leopard belongs to the Panthera group, with lions, tigers and jaguars.

yes an no female leopards come from a spices where leopards are living good and protected tere is many baby leopards made there beacuase ,many females live there wait e no humans live there its called the city and females are there to make babies

Some leopards are born melanistic - all black. They are called black panthers, along with the melanistic jaguar.

A authors name that writes about leopards is: Nathaniel Burt. His book is called leopards in the garden!!!

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