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A group of ostriches is called a flock. Or rather a "herd of ostriches" and a "flock of birds".

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Q: What is a group of ostriches called?
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What is the collective noun for a group of ostriches?

The collective nouns for ostriches are:a flock of ostrichesa pride of ostrichesa wobble of ostriches

What are a group of ostrichs called?

a group of ostriches are called a flock you spelt ostriches wrong so it didnt work how u planned it to work *ostriches :)

Whats a group of ostriches called?

Groups of ostriches are called herds or flocks. Ostriches generally wander around in groups of five or less, they are considered nomadic.

What is the collective name for a group of ostriches?

Collective nouns for ostriches are a flock of ostriches and a pride of ostriches.

What do you call a bunch of ostriches?

You call a group of ostriches a herd.

What is ostriches group name?

A flock

What do you call a group of ostriches?

A herd.

A group of ostrich is call?

A pride of ostriches.

What is the phobia of ostriches?

The fear of ostriches is called Ornithophobia.Note: Its the fear of birds.

What is a male ostrich called?

Male ostriches are called cocks.

What was the largest bird name?

it is called an ostriches

What group is ostriches in?

The Ostrich is the only living species of its family - Struthionidae

Which bird is also called as camel birds?


What animal group does a penguin belong to?

Birds and yes, so do emu's and ostriches

Does Giang know what he is talking about?

No, he's an idiot and should listen to Edward his awe inspiring master. Ostriches live in the tundra, tropical rainforests, and jungles. A group of lions is called a flock, not a pride. But Cameron is right, as a group of crows is definitely called a murder. And Cameron is awesome.

How do you spell the plural form of ostrich?

The plural of ostrich may be ostrich(unspecified group) or ostriches.

Are ostriches exothermic or endothermic?

Ostriches are Endothermic

What continent are ostriches from?

Ostriches are from the African continent.

What is the collective term for ostriches?

A pride of ostriches

Do ostriches have a tongue?

Yes, Ostriches have tongues.

What is the plural possessive of ostriches?

The plural form for the noun ostrich is ostriches. The plural possessive form is ostriches'.Example: The hyenas had been raiding the ostriches' nests.

Do ostriches have feathers?

Yes Ostriches have feathers; they are birds.

What continent does ostriches come from?

Ostriches come from Africa.

Can ostriches fly high?

No, ostriches cannot fly.

What country do ostriches live in?

Ostriches Origanlly came from Africa. You may find Ostriches here in Austraila, but not in the wild.

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