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What is a half dollar 1969 worth?


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A US Kennedy half dollar dated 1969 is only 40% silver with a value of about $2.00.

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A 1969-S proof half dollar - aka - Kennedy Half Dollar is worth: $7.00.

A 1969 silver Kennedy half dollar is worth $5 inn perfect condition. The value of the silver is worth $2.87.

A 1969 half dollar is 40% silver. It is a common date only worth melt. At the time of writing it is worth about $3.50 in silver scrap.

As of February 2016, it's worth about $2.25.

It's 40% silver and currently worth about $4.50.

The 1969 Kennedy half dollar is only 40% silver with a value about $3.25

The coin is only 40% silver with a value of about $4.00

I'm assuming you mean a Canadian half dollar, if so then not a whole lot, silver was removed in Canadian coinage before 1969 and as such it is pretty much just worth face value which is 50 cents Canadian.

Unless it contains silver (1964-1969), half-dollars are worth face value, 50 cents.

Do you mean how much does half dollar worth in Philippine peso

a half hundred dollar bill is worth $50

It depends on the year and condition, but it's worth at least half a dollar.

How much is a silver Kennedy half dollar worth?

The last silver half dollar was minted in 1969.

These coins contain 40% silver an have a worth of a little less then spot price at time of sale.

Halves dated 1965 to 1969 are only 40% silver. The rest is copper. Look at the edge.

In 1968 a jfk half dollar was worth 50 cents.MoreAt that time the coin was worth 50 cents. However, from 1965 to 1969 half dollars were made of 40% silver. At current silver prices these coins are worth about $3 in circulated condition.

With a date of 1979 the coin has no silver in it. 1969 was the last 40% silver circulating US half dollar. The coin is worth 50 cents.

It is not a Liberty half dollar, it is a Kennedy half dollar. Unless in a mint set they are worth 50 cents. They are in common circulation.

There shouldn't be any other dates stamped on your half dollar. Only the date 1969.

If you mean a 1998 Kennedy half dollar, the coin has no silver in it and is worth face value.

The 1966 Kennedy half dollar is 40% silver and worth about $5.00.

Kennedy is on the HALF dollar. A 1994 half is worth 50 cents.

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