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A heifer is young female bovine that has never given birth to a calf.

A heifer may be considered a cow if:

  1. She successfully gives birth and raises her second calf
  2. She reaches adult maturity at 4 years of age

Some people consider a heifer can become a cow after she gives birth to her first calf, but for many cattle producers she is merely considered a first-calf heifer, not a cow.

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Q: What is a heifer?
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What do you call a heifer that is also a twin?

You could call it a heifer, or a twin heifer if the sibling is also a heifer, or a freemartin if the heifer's sib is a bull calf.

What is the feminine name of cattle?

Cow, first-calf heifer, bred heifer, heifer, heifer calf or spayed heifer. See the related question below.

A sentence with the word heifer in it?

a heifer is a cow that heifer international donates

What is a male heifer?

There's no such thing as a male heifer. A heifer is female, period.

What is a bred heifer?

A heifer that is pregnant.

What is an open heifer?

An unpregnant heifer.

What is a springing heifer?

A springing heifer is a heifer who is within a few weeks of delivering her first calf.

What is the gender of a heifer?

The gender of a heifer is female.

What is a fresh heifer?

A heifer that has just calved.

What is a first calf heifer?

It's the name for a heifer that has had her first calf and is currently raising her first calf. It's also a name for a heifer that came from a heifer or cow that was that heifer or cow's first calf.

What is the average weight of a longhorn heifer?

That all depends on the age of the heifer. The older the heifer, the heavier she'll be.

What is a bulling heifer?

A heifer that is either in heat (going in or out of), or a hermaphordite heifer as a result of being twinned with a bull.

What is another word for a female heifer?

She can also be known as a heifer calf, heifer yearling (if she is a year old), or first time heifer (if she has given birth to her first calf).

Where do you find a heifer?

A heifer is a young female cow.

What is a heifer in mythology?

A heifer is a female cow prior to having a calf. In mythology, Io was transformed by Zeus into a heifer.

What do you call a female cow who hasn't given birth?


What is a long bred heifer?

A heifer is a female bovine that has not yet had its first calf. A long bred heifer is a heifer well along in the gestation period and due to calve shortly.

Is a pregnant heifer a heifer or a cow?

A pregnant heifer is still a heifer because she still hasn't had a calf yet. She only becomes a cow after she's had her calf or after her second calf.

When was Bessie The Heifer created?

Bessie The Heifer was created in 1951.

When does a calf become a heifer?

A calf "becomes" a heifer if it is female. A heifer calf is a young female calf that is suckling off her momma; a heifer is a female bovine that has been weaned but has not yet had a calf.

How do you tell when a heifer is in heat?

If there are several heifers together an in heat heifer will often mount another heifer that is in heat as well. If the heifer is alone it will be difficult to determine without the use of palpation or ultrasound.

What is the feminine form of heifer?

Heifer is already the feminine form. A heifer is a female cow who has not yet had a calf. A female cow who has only had one calf is often called a first-calf heifer.

What is the genus and species of a heifer?

A heifer is the genus and specie of its parents. Actually, a heifer is the term for any female cow, who has not yet had a calf.

Are twin heifer calves born infertile?

No. Only a heifer calf twinned to a bull calf will be infertile, not twin heifer calves.

What is another name for female cow?

Heifer calf (newly born female calf), Heifer yearling (year old female), first time heifer (Heifer that has given birth to her first calf).