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a hotel lol

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Q: What is a home in a building which contains many different floors?
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How was the first metal-frame skyscraper constructed?

the 12-story Home Insurance Building, in the mid-1880s. Jenney used an iron framework for the first six floors to carry the weight of the building into the foundation. He used steel beams for the top six floors.

How is a home different from a house?

Yes, its simple.. house is a materialistic building and when members live in this building and feel together, that is a home :)

What is the different between basketball wood floor and home wood floor?

The difference is what's under it. Basketball floors are "sprung" wood floors - they'll move up and down with the athletes to cut down on leg injuries. Home wood floors are solidly connected to the underlayment.

5 different ways to insulating you home?

The 5 different ways to insulate your house would be to put insulation in the roof, Basement, Ceiling, floors, walls.

Where can wooden floors be bought?

Wooden floors enhance the beauty of any home. They can be found at large home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. Wooden floors can also be bought at specialty stores such as Lumber Liquidators.

Does Home Depot sell Bamboo Floors?

Yes they do. Home Depot offers 27 different varieties of bamboo wood flooring, including several that are available in bulk or by the case.

How many floors do you go though to get to heatran?

Giant Volcano has 19 floors of fiery fire types, and the 20th floors is home to Heatran!

Where can a person purchase exotic hardwood floors?

One can purchase exotic hardwood floors from specialty flooring companies such as Wilsonart, Cabot, Shaw Floors and Exotic Floors. One can also purchase exotic hardwood floors from larger hardware and home supply stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's and Lumber Liquidators.

What are the release dates for For Your Home - 2003 Walls Floors and In-Between?

For Your Home - 2003 Walls Floors and In-Between was released on: USA: 10 November 2007

Where can I find plans for home building from?

There are many sites online that provide plans for home building. such as designbasics, saybuild, and All the sites have different and unique plans that should be looked at.

When was Pierson Building Center opened?

Built in 1962, the Pierson Building Center was built over a half decade ago and contains every manner of home improvement product for reasonable prices.

How many floors does the Biltmore Estate have?

The Biltmore home in Asheville, NC has 4 full floors plus a full basement making 5 floors in total. The main home covers 4 acres and is in total of 175,000 square feet.