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What is a hose bib?


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A hose bib (or bibb) is a threaded faucet also known as a wall hydrant. The simplest example would be the standard exterior faucet of a residence. They typically can be found with a single valve stem directly before the spout. In colder climates, exterior hose bibs should be installed in-line with an interior wall so that they can be recessed within the wall to provide protection from freezing.

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Home depot or hardware stores have a gauge you can install on your hose-bib, then you open the hose-bib and the gage shows your the pressure at that hose-bib.

By isolating the valve then remove it and replace it

Usually the bib nearest inlet like front garden hose bib will give you a good read before it is reduced by any other valves etc. or spit off into a series of different pipes.

From the question I'm not sure if you mean the hose bib that is attached to most pool plumbing for draining. If so that hose bib will discharge water only while the pool's pump is running. The water comming out would not be potable, and not very good for plants. I can't think what else it would be good for.

If starting from empty pull the top radiator hose off the engine and fill the radiator until coolant starts to flow from the engine hose bib. replace and tighten hose. Fill the overflow tank with coolant. Locate the vent on the coolant hose bib (brass fitting), start the engine and allow coolant flow to purge the air from the system. When coolant flows steadily close the vent. Re-top up the overflow tank.

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I Guess the easiest way would to buy a gauge place it on a hose bib connection and then read what the gauge pressure is

You can buy a hosebib vaccuum breaker that screws right on to the hosebib:-)

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Follow the heater hoses to the firewall. There should be 2. disconect them from the heater core, then insert a 5/8 hose bib and clamp them together.

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With the ones I've seen, they simply screw on to the bib just like a hose would. So you just unscrew the old one and screw on the new one. In Texas with homes built in the 1980's forward, you usually cannot remove just the anti syphon device because the commercial plumbers remove or break off the set screw that comes with the assembly that would allow for removal. I had to have a plumber remove the hose bib (simple process) and then replace it along with a new anti syphon valve. This put an end to the annoying dribbling of water. Cost me $65. I'll do it myself the next time as it is actually quite simple now that I know how to do it. I will install it with a syphon valve that I can remove.

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