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It is where there is a bunch of hotels under the same name, like Motel 6, or something like that, and there are a lot of them, so it is kind of like a chain. It is kind of like McDonald's - how there are a lot of them around the world.

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Q: What is a hotel chain?
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Where is the headquarters of the ITC Hotel chain?

The headquarters of the ITC Hotel chain is located in India. The ITC Hotel chain is the second largest hotel chain in India, with over one hundred locations nationwide.

What is the different between a hotel chain and a hotel group?

hotel chain is owned by a group of owners

What is the largest hotel chain?

Best Western is the largest hotel chain

What is the difference between boutique hotel and chain hotel?

The difference is a boutique hotel is more exclusive & private than a chain hotel.

When was Malmaison - hotel chain - created?

Malmaison - hotel chain - was created in 1994.

What is the oldest hotel chain?

The Oldest Hotel Chain is the Hilton opened in 1919 actually the oldest hotel chain is Kempinski (1897 check it out on their website)

What is th most successful hotel chain in china?

many chain hotel in china .maybe the Sheraton hotel chain is the most successful , please refer to the link below Details

Who owns the wynn hotel chain?

The wynn hotel chain is not owned but one person but a couple franchise owners. They have come together and created the wynn hotel chain that now is a big franchise.

Is the Tipton Hotel from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody real?

No, it is a fictional hotel created for the series. However, the hotel may remind you of the Hilton hotel chain. London Tipton is supposed to be Paris Hilton, inheritor of the Hilton Hotel Chain (Tipton Hotel Chain) Although the Tipton is a fictional hotel chain, the hotel is given an address and location at Copley Square at 138 St James Avenue. The hotel at that location is the very real Fairmont Copley Plaza.

Name of a domestic hotel chain?

One hotel chain name in the U.S. is Marriot, another is Hilton.

When was the Ibis Hotel chain founded?

The Ibis Hotel chain is a very successful and popular hotel chain that was founded in 1974 in the town of Brodaux. Today, there are more than 950 Ibis Hotels worldwide.

Where is the headquarters of the Pulitzer Hotel chain?

The Pulitzer Hotel chain is owned by the Italian Planetaria group. Their headquarters are located in Milan at their Enterprise Hotel on the Corso Sempione.

What hotel chain is Paris Hilton mostly associated with?

The Hilton hotel chain. Her parents own it; her grandfather started it.

In what countries would one find the Tamarindo Hotel chain?

One can find the Tamarindo Hotel chain on the West coast of Barbados and also in Costa Rica. This hotel chain is on the high end of pricing but always on the beaches.

Where can I find out whether any hotel cleaning jobs are available for a particular hotel chain?

Generally, each individual hotel does its own hiring. You need to contact the manager at a hotel in that chain that's in your area.

Which major hotel chains operate in Copenhagen?

First Hotels is a leading hotel chain with over sixty-one hotels in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Hilton is another major hotel chain that operates in Copehagen and Scandic is a third. Scandic is the largest hotel chain in Denmark.

What are the characteristics of the hotel 6 chain?

The hotel 6 chain is known as the Motel 6 chain. This is a budget chain and it focuses on customers who want lengthy stays instead of just one or two nights.

Which hotel is a large chain affiliated hotel?

Holiday Inn

What was the going price for a hotel room in 1983?

The going price, on average, for a hotel room in 1983 was $45.44 for a large chain hotel. Lower chain hotels were considerably cheaper.

What is the former Etap Hotel chain now known as?

The Etap Hotel chain is now known as Idis Budget. It is a chain of budget hotels that is owned by the Accor Group. It is a popular chain in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Where could one book a room in a hotel of the Everett chain?

You could book a room in a hotel of the Everett chain through their Internet web page. You could also go through a travel agent to book a hotel through Everett chain.

What is the contact information for the Carlyle Suites hotel chain?

The contact information for the Carlyle Suites hotel chain is as follows: 1731 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington DC, 20009. The telephone number to reach the hotel chain is (202)234-3200.

Where could one book a reservation for an Abad Hotel?

The Abad Hotel is a hotel chain that is based out of India. If an individual would look to book a room at this particular hotel chain, reservations may be made online at the Abad Hotel's website or by calling +91 484 4144000.

What is a hotel that begins with the letter e?

Embassy Suites is a chain of Hilton hotels. Eurostars Is a hotel chain based in Spain. Epoque is a hotel in Miami, Florida.

What are some locations of the Garden Hotel chain?

The Garden Hotel chain is a chain owned by the Hilton hotels. They are all over the United States, but the original four hotels are in Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and Michigan.