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"red giant"

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Q: What is a large reddish star late in its life cycle?
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What is a large reddish star late in its life cycle called?

There are many stars that are a red giants. See related question for more information.

Is a red giant large reddish star early in its life cycle?

No. Actually, it's heading to the end of it's life

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How does the life cycle of a star differ between one that is born from a large nebula as opposed to one born in a very large nebula?

None at all/ The life cycle of a star is based on it's initial mass, not where it was formed.

What tool is helpful for studying the composition of stars?

You can't really use telescopes because there is to much glare. But if you look up at the sky, you can see stars are Blue, And red. Blue stars are large and have short life spans. Red stars are red Supergiants. Stars late in there life cycle.

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The life cycle of all stars is pretty similar from birth to late in their life - that's when the rest of their life cycle can vary dramatically. Small and medium-sized stars tend to be the longest-lived stars (our Sun is a typical example), and they end their life by expanding, cooling, and then blowing off their outer shell while their nucleus collapses to a "White Dwarf".

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