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What is a leopard?


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the leopard is a big cat with spots. it eats zebras, wildebeest, antelope, Gazelles, baby elephants, baby giraffes & baby buffalo. hyenas and lions will attack leopard for food but some adult male leopards will attack and kill hyenas. the leopard doesn't have any enemies exept man and gorillas. unlike the cheetah the leopard will bite its prey and not suffacate it. leopards live in Africa and Asia. leopards will come in black and black leopards are called black panthers. snow leopards are a differant story they eat mountain goats and if a human comes by a snow leopard will go for them. snow leopards only have two enemies man because men hunt them for there coat and because we are making it hotter so it causes snow leopards habitat to melt and there number is dropping the snow leopards other enemy are wolves. snow leopards are hunted by man white tigers and Siberian tigers. leopards that live in Asia eat stags, baby elephant and sometimes sumatran rhinos. clouded leopards only live in eastern Asia and are much smaller than leopards. they eat hares, wild boar and baby deer. clouded leopards have many enemies man like other leopards for there coat and because of habitat distruction there other enemies are tigers, leopards and elephants. all leopards numbers are dropping to a minimum and we need to help them.


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There are nine different subspecies of leopards. The Amur leopard, Indian leopard, Anatolian leopard, Javan leopard, Persian leopard, Snow leopard, Clouded leopard, Arabian leopard, and the Sri Lankan leopard.

a snow leopard is the lightest leopard

Leopard is spelled LEOPARD

A female leopard is called a leopardess, a baby leopard is called a cub, and a male leopard is simply called a leopard.A male leopard is called a leopard. (A female is a leopardess.)what a male leopard called

A clouded leopard is faster than a common leopard.

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a leopard cannot prey on a leopard its impossible

Common leopard, which has several races, and the snow leopard. The clouded leopard is not a true leopard, but belongs in it's own genus, Neofelis.

Latin name: Panthera pardus The leopard is a member of the cat family. The leopard is known as one of the big cats. The leopard is a carnivore. The leopard is a mammal. The leopard is a vertebrate. The leopard is closely related to the panther and the mountain lion.

The feminine gender of the leopard is best known as the leopardess. A baby leopard is referred to as a cub and a male leopard is simply referred to as a leopard.

Sri Lankan Leopard: 700-950 Javan Leopard: Between 100-250 Arabian Leopard, South Arabian Leopard: 150-250 Amur Leopard: 30-60 Persian Leopard, Caucasian Leopard, Central Asian Leopard, North Persian Leopard, West Asian Leopard: 871-1,290 African leopards - Around 25 000

A leopard would be much bigger than a snow leopard, and would win.

A male leopard is usually bigger in size than a female leopard.

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A male leopard doesn't have a name, it is just referred to as a leopard. a female leopard is called a leopardess and a baby leopard is called a cub. hope that helped :)

Because Anatolian Leopard is the BEST LEOPARD. It rocks.

The question is not "Why do you have a leopard in your bathroom", but is is in fact, "Why don't I have a leopard in my bathroom. Indeed

A leopard is a mammal [ wild cat ] and a leopard gecko is a reptile, I believe.

There are about 8 subspecies of leopard but the golden leopard is not one of them. They do not exist.

The leopard cannot change his spots. The leopard is well-spotted.

The leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) is spotted like a leopard.

Will tiger and a leopard are cats. I would rather say a leopard is faster. Tigers are not faster then a leopard. Obviously!

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