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Systems, processes and procedures are all used by the staff responsible for policy processing. Here, new policy processing includes all functions from new policy data capture, through underwriting and rating to policy issue. Policy maintenance wraps the policy change and endorsement steps and extends to renewal, cancellation, reinstatement etc. Management, statistical and regulatory reporting are components too.

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Q: What is a life cycle policy?
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What is policy life cycle?

Policy life cycle begins with problem definition, and after thorough examination, solutions are suggested. Next is agenda setting where the decision makers and public hold a discussion on the problem as well as the proposed solutions. After sufficient deliberation, the new or amended policy is adopted and implemented. Finally, there is need to evaluate the efficacy of the new policy.

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The five steps of the policy cycle are :Agenda settingPolicy formulationPolicy adoptionPolicy implementationPolicy evaluation(agenda setting) (policy adoption) ( policy implementation) (policy evaluation)

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POLICY CYCLE:Policy cycle is a tool used for analysing the development of the policy item.Problem identificationPolicy formulationAdoptionImplementationEvaluation

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Explain what happens in each step of the policy cycle?

In most cases the policy cycle consists of agenda setting, policy formation, policy implementation and policy evaluation. Agenda setting identifies issues. Policy formation analyzes and chooses policy options. Policy formation develops the strategy and policy evaluation monitors the results and compares them to the anticipated results.

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