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What is a lotus eater?

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The term 'lotus-eater' comes from Homer's Odyssey, where Odysseus meets a group of people called Lotus Eaters, who eat a magical lotus which makes people contented, forgetting about anything else but eating lotus.

In modern day times, lotus eaters are people whom are concerned with the seeking of pleasure, while ignoring the rest of life. They are generally considered lazy and short-sighted. Drug addicts could be considered lotus eaters, as these people become obsessed with the next fix; all else does not matter.

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Origin of a lotus eater?

origin and meaning of a lotus eater

When was The Lotus Eater created?

The Lotus Eater was created in 1945.

What does a lotus-eater mean?

Lotus-eater is a term that is used to describe a person who does not spend time working but rather spends time doing only the things that he or she likes. A lotus-eater is selfish and self-centered.

What is the Meaning of a lotus-eater?

Detached from reality. To not be mentally focused, or to have your head in the clouds.

What is the nickname for astronomer?

Stargazer, lotus-eater, uranologist

What obstacles did Odysseus encounter in The Land of the Lotus Eater?


Who the characters in Lotus eater by William somerset Maugham?

the characters in the story"The Lotus Eater" by William Somerset Maugham are Thomas Wilson,The Narrator,The friend, The Cottage owner's wife(Assunta)

What are the release dates for I Spy - 1965 The Lotus Eater 3-12?

I Spy - 1965 The Lotus Eater 3-12 was released on: USA: 11 December 1967

What characteristics of a hero and a leader does Odysseus show in the episode with the Lotus Eater?

He wanted his men out of there, he cared for them so as a leader he had to get them out from the Lotus!

What is the theme of the lotus eater?

the main theme is the reconcilination with religion and science.

True or falsemen where men killed when the ship stopped at the land of lotus eater?


What does a lotus eater look like?

first of all a lotus isn't a bug second of all its what your mom eats when she has a bad case of constipation

What does a lotus eater mean in Greek mythology?

Lotus Eaters were the people who lured others to their land, and the land had such enchantements, that the people that were lured did not want to leave. They were served lotus juice, and just wanted more

What is the land of the lotus?

In Greek mythology, this could refer to the land of the lotus eater, an island where the inhabitants are peaceful and eat lotus all day. Odysseus visits this island on his return home from Troy, in the Odyssey.

How did Odysseus solve the lotus eater problem?

He just ran away. But he lost a few good men there.

In Greek mythology a fruit which induced forgetfulness?

In Homer's Odyssey the lotus tree fruit causes a pleasant drowsiness. The Lotus-eater or Lotophagi would only eat lotus and when they did they would forget about friends and family and desire to live in idleness.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Lotus Eater - 1921?

The cast of The Lotus Eater - 1921 includes: Wesley Barry as Jocko John Barrymore as Jacques Leroi Frank Currier as The Dean Dorothy Mackaill Colleen Moore as Mavis Ida Waterman as Mrs. Hastings Vance

What does Odysseus' men eat?

Odysseus' men eat Lotus-eater which distract them from what Odysseus was trying to tell them.

What was the effect of the lotus plant in The Odyssey?

It made the eater lose all hope of home, putting them into a dream-like state that they would not want to leave.

What did the lotus eaters offer to Odysseus' men?

They offered them lotus flowers to eat. The effect of the flowers was to make the eater completely lazy and indolent, content merely to lie around and eat more of the flowers. It erased their desires to return home and they ignored Odysseus's orders.

How do you say lotus in latin?

Lotus = lotus

What is a triff-eater?

What is a triff eater

What did Odyssey do when they reached the lotus eaters island?

well osyseus knew that all the other sailors were staying their of the land of the lotus eater tribe cause the fruit made them stay their and made them didn't care at all so he did not eat the fruit cause I'm pretty sure that one of the gods told him not to

What is rem song lotus about?

The song Lotus by R.E.M. is about eating the lotus.

Why does Odysseus tie his three men in the lotus eaters?

After the Island of the Cicones, Odysseus landed on the Island of the Lotus Eaters. The Lotus is a plant that forces the eater to lose all grip on reality. Once it is eaten, the person knows nothing nor cares for anything other than eating the lotus plant. Odysseus sent in two men to scout out the area. When they did not come back, Odysseus sent in to find them. He found the two men hopelessly addicted to eating the lotus plant. Odysseus tied the two men up and forced them into the ship against their will and sails away.