What is a manometer?

what is a manometer?

and what is application of manometer in industrial?

A Manometer is a device which can be used to measure pressure of fluids(i.e liquids and Gases).

PRINCIPLE: Manometers are those pressure measuring devices which are based on the principle of balancing the column of liquid(whose pressure is to be found) by the same or another column of liquid. They are of two types

1. simple manometers

2.Differential manometers

simple manometers are those which measure pressure at a point in a fluid containing in the pipe or a vessel. On the other hand Differential manometers measure the difference of pressure between any two points in a fluid contained in a pipe or vessel.

Industrial applications:

Pressure guages are used for a variety of industrial and application specific pressure monitering applications. visual monitering of air and gas pressure for compressors,Vaccum equipment and speciality tank applications such as medical gas cylinders, fire extinguishers,