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What is a map legend?


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A Legend on a map essentially tells you which signs on a map symbolize and represent, what is natural or a man-made feature. For example, a miniature blue tent on a map, represents the location of a camping site.

A legend on a map provides valuable information for interpreting what it is showing you. Gives direction by a north indication. Provides a scale to allow for distance calculations. Depending on map, will give city names, park locations, lakes, and rivers, etc.

It also gives info regarding inches vs miles, streets vs highways and identifies marks on maps which might otherwise be confusing.


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a map legend is used to tell what the symbols on the map mean

Another name for a legend on a map is a map key

The legend shows what the symbols on the map mean

The legend on a map tells you what each color and symbol stands for in the map.

there is no legend /do you mean legend map

A map legend shows you the symbols used on a map so you know what the map is showing.

A legend on a political map is like a map key. It tells what different symbols stand for on the map.

so you know what the symbols on the legend mean which are on the map

Another name for a map legend is key.

The map key or legend helps map readers understand the relative distances, features, and sites printed on the map.When you open a map, you can usually find the legend near a corner. The legend identifies the symbols used on the map, the distance bars and the caveats that the map makers included in the map.

The legend or key lets the map user know what all the symbols on a map stand for.

legend means the history ********************************** A map legend is a list of symbols (+ for a church, PO for post office, etc) and their meanings as shown on the map.

what does the star means on a map I should look at the legend.

The legend explains the markings on the map: roads, railroads, parks,, etc.

The terms map key and map legend are interchangeable. They describe the section of a map that explains scale and an symbols that appear on the map.

The legend on a map is the box in one of the corners that tells you what all the symbols mean

they are used to find areas and map legends have keys on the left, top, bottom, or the right of the map legend

The legend of a map shows what the symbols on the map mean and sometimes the scale is also indicated there.

The map key/legend is a box on a map that shows what the symbols on a map mean. For instance, ^ is usially a mountain.

there are two thing a legend is, 1. a legend on a map tells you what shapes and colours mean on a map, 2. a legend is a kind of story

You can identify symbols on a map by looking at the legend. The legend is a key that tells you what everything stands for.

A map's legend shows what symbols and their meaning is used on the map.

It is referred to as the map legend

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