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light cant travel through opague materials, or anything you cant see through.

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Q: What is a material that light can't travel through?
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How does how does light travel through opaque material?

it cant travel through light.

What can light travel through that sound cant travel through?

light can travel through a vacuum whereas sound cant

Can light and sound travel through space?

light can but sound cant as there is no air

What are some interesting facts about sound energy?

sound energy require some kind of material to travel through and they cant move through a vaccum

What does sound need to travel through?

Sound (and vibration) are a wave system of sequential compressions and rarefactions of a material. These waves are mechanical and do need a substance through which to travel. They cannot travel through a vacuum.

What do shadows and their shapers tell us about how light travels?

It tells us that light only travels in straight lines and cant travel through most objects.

Why does drawing the curtain make it dark in the room?

Light can pass through some materials. An example of a material like this would be glass. It cant go through all materials. When materials let light through, we call that transparency.

Why cant sound trave through empty space?

Why cant sound travel through empty space

What cant secondary waves travel through?


Why cant sound waves travel through foam?

Because sound waves carry energy particles called clots and clots are too large to pass through the low density material as foam

Why don't you a rainbow during a thunderstorm?

As during a thunder storm there is very little light from the sun. so the light cant travel through the rain drops. thus making it impossible to have a rainbow

What sound cant travel through?

sound can't travel through a vacuum. or a place without air.