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Materialism is valuing money and things. A materialistic person is someone who is preoccupied with possessions and wealth, and seem less concerned with emotional or intellectual development.

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Are Filipino women naturally materialistic?

Being materialistic is one characteristic of a person. It can be natural and maybe not but not all Filipinas are, but probably there are some.

A person who believes that material possessions are all that matter in life?


What part of speech is materialistic?

Materialistic is an adjective.

What is it called when someone is only doing something for the money?

Such a person is called a "mercenary" or it may be said the person is "materialistic."

What would you call a person who chooses money over happiness?

Money Monger, Greedy, Materialistic

What is the definition of the term materialistic?

A person can be described as materialistic, because it is an adjective. The word means that someone is overly concerned or occupied with material wealth. That is, they are too hung up on owning and acquiring more and more material possessions. Being materialistic is something negative, because in the end it is only chasing the wind.

What are synonyms for materialistic?

Synonyms for materialistic are consumerist, acquisitive, greedy; worldly, capitalistic, and bourgeois.

What are some adjectives that describe a person and begin with the m?

Malicious, materialistic, mean, meek, merciful, messy, meticulous, modest, moody and mopey are words to describe a person.

What is a sentence using the word materialistic?

She was a materialistic girl - only caring about whether her shoes were the latest model or if her clothes created a statement.

What adjectives would you use to describe a person who only cares about money?

Greedy, self-indulgent, possessive, materialistic, avaricious, consumerist, capitalistic, acquisitive

Are Australians prisoners of a materialistic society?


What does materialistic evolution mean?

is material that evolved

What factors differentiate a product and a service?

we can feel and touch the product as it is materialistic for example toothpaste coming to service it is not materialistic and we can only feel it example airtel

What are materialistic view on state and state formation?

The materialistic view of the state and state formation is that all the property of the state belongs to the head of state and not the people.

Can dogs be materialistic?

Being materialistic, in the common sense, means being obsessed with and valuing material wealth and goods over other types of values, usually spiritual or social ones You have to decide if dogs are smart enough to have a value system they can think about and place one value above another in order to be materialistic. While they are social animals and can learn their names and tricks there isn't sufficient evidence that they can think about themselves; and, hence what to value and what not to value. They aren't materialistic because they don't have the mental capacity for it, but, they aren't non-materialistic either for the same reason. Dogs are most definitely NOT materialistic. They love a poor owner as well as a rich owner. The only thing they are interested in acquiring is food, and that's more instinctual than materialistic.

Describe yourself beginning with the letter m?

Maddening, malicious, materialistic, mean, meek, merciful, messy, meticulous, modest, moody and mopey are adjectives to describe a person.

How is youth represented in the media?

materialistic, future generation

why does marketing make people too materialistic?


Why is it impossible for teens to save money?

Teens are too materialistic

What collective name was given to the people that rejected the materialistic values of post World War 2 society?

The Beat Generation were those who rejected the materialistic values of post World War 2 society.

What were Princess Diana's weaknesses?

Sensitive to criticism, easily distracted,, materialistic, that's about it

What is the attitude that starts with letter M?

· materialistic · mean · meek · messy · modest

What adjective to describe silver jewelry that starts with m?


What is a synonym for bourgeois?

Capitalist middle-class, traditional, conventional, materialistic, hidebound

What is the relationship between the present organization and the classical organizations?

Present organizations are materialistic.