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A person who lived in medieval times.

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Q: What is a medieval person?
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What is a medieval damsel?

a person

What was a blacksmith in the medieval times?

a person

What do you call a medieval funny person?


Where can a person find Medieval Costumes?

Someone can find Medieval costumes from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of Medieval costumes from a number of companies.

Who was the most famous medieval person?

Possibly Charlemagne

What was the noose used for in medieval times?

Hanging a person.

Who was the most evil person in medieval times?


What is a fletcher in the medieval times?

it is a poor person that makes arrows

What is a Lorimer?

It is a person in Medieval times who made leather straps.

Did medieval queens have problems?

Every person who ever lived had problems, regardless of when he or she lived. queens, even medieval queens, were no exception.

What do you call a person in the lowest class of Medieval times?

they were called serfs

What are some phrases a medieval person might say?

"Zounds!" "By your leave."