What is a microwaves wave length?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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they have a longer wave length, between 1mm and 30 cm.

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Q: What is a microwaves wave length?
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What type of wave has a wave length longer than microwaves?

Gama rays have a longer length than microwaves. the sun exerts Gama rays, but the ozone layer protects earth from them. Gama rays actually quite harmful and can cause cancer.

What order do these increase wave length ultraviolet light microwaves radio waves X rays?

X-rays; UV; visible light; microwaves; radio waves.

Do microwaves work with sound waves at all?

Microwaves and sound waves are similar because they are electromagnetic waves. The main difference between the two types of waves is the length of the wave. Sound waves are longer than microwaves.

Are microwaves a type of infared wave?

No, it is a radio wave.

What wave viabrates faster radio wave or microwaves?

Microwaves ARE radio waves, with frequencies above 3 GHz.

What has bigger wave lengths microwaves gamma raysultraviolet wavesinfrared waves?


What word names a short wave?

microwaves :)

What wave is longer than a microwaves?


Does microwaves wave has the longest wavelenght?

No radio waves do.

What is the form of electromagnetic wave from radar system?


Electromagnetic wave used by WiFi routers?


What is an example of an electromagnetic wave?

x-rays, radiowaves, microwaves