What is a mixture containing two or more gaseous liquid or solid substances blended evenly throughout?


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That would be Homogeneous

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These are the gaseous substances.

Nitrogen is a gaseous element, that is, what is in nitrogen is nitrogen.

The resultant substances are a salt and gaseous hydrogen.

Steam is gas. Gaseous water to be exact.

Sulphur dioxide and Nitrous oxide reacts in the air to produce acid rain. These to gaseous substances produce acid rain

Deposition examples: gaseous iodine, and the water in snow clouds.

Examples: methane, oxygen, helium, ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, ethane, radon.

its a chemical reaction. in addition to heat and light, a new gaseous substances are formed

Homogeneous: denoting a process involving substances in the same phase (solid, liquid, or gaseous).Heterogeneous: of or denoting a process involving substances in different phases (solid, liquid, or gaseous).The beverage will have tea particles in a solid state in the mixture, it is therefore heterogeneous.

If city air is individually considered, it is a homogeneous mixture with substances in the gaseous phase.

This question does not make sense, as all substances can be solids, liquids, or gasses.

No, Sulphur is a gaseous element, commonly found as S8. Sulphate is a polyatomic ion (compound containing multiple elements with a charge on it) containing sulphur and oxygen, written as SO4-2

The spelling "chorine" refers to a chorus girl.The gaseous chemical element is chlorine (also antibacterials containing chlorine).

A gas giant is a large planet that is made up mostly of gaseous and liquid substances , with little or no solid surface.

A mixture which only contains substances which are in the same phases/state. eg, a gaseous mixture or a mixture of two aqueous solutions.

A gas giant is a large planet that is made up mostly of gaseous and liquid substances , with little or no solid surface.

Well, I'm not sure I understand the sense of your question,but I guess you could say that air is a gaseous solution or a gaseous homogeneous mixture.

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