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What is a mobile processor?

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A mobile processor is a CPU designed to save power. Mostly it is used in notebook computers. See notebook processor. A notebook processor is a CPU optimized for notebook computers. All computing devices require a CPU. One of the main characteristics differentiating notebook processors from other CPUs is low-power consumption. The notebook processor is becoming an increasing important market segment in the semiconductor industry. Notebook computers are an increasingly popular format of the broader category of mobile computers. The objective of a notebook computer is to provide the performance and functionality of a desktop computer in a portable size and weight. Low power consumption is a primary consideration in the choice of a notebook processor. * AMD: Turion 64 * Transmeta: Crusoe and Efficeon * Intel: Centrino, Pentium M, Core Duo and the budget Celeron M * Freescale Semiconductor makes the PowerPC processors used in the non-Intel Apple Computer notebooks. Cell phones and PDAs require microcontrollers that use even less power than notebook processors.

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What does the mobile processor stand for?

The mobile processor means that is can process information Mobile without having to add a data cord.

What is the latest processor for mobile phones?

Quad-Core is the latest processor for mobile phones. So go for it....

Cellular Mobile multimedia processor?

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Which was the first smartphone processor that broke the 1GHz clock speed barrier?

SNAPDRAGON Mobile Processor

What is the latest processor used in mobile phones?


Which microprocessors are used in mobile phones?

ARM ARM 11 332 MHz processor Intel XScale PXA270 processor

What is the processor speed for this computer?

The processor speed of the Toshiba Satellite A355D-S6930 AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor Laptop is 2.1 GHz.

Can you install VMWare on a T-Mobile myTouch?

No. The processor in the T-Mobile myTouch is incompatible with all VMware products.

What are some features of the Motorola Triumph?

The triumph is a good android touch mobile but since its only a 1Ghz processor, it won't be as fast as a dual core processor mobile. But for basic functions and browsing, this will be a good buy.

What type of processor used in mobile phone?

ARM processors are generally used

Htc hd2 and htc hd2 t9193 what's the difference?

The difference is that the Htc Hd2 is for T mobile and it has a snapdragon processor, and the t9193 is unlocked even when you bought it new and it does not have a fast processor like the T mobile one

Philips mobile w6618 how can it?

Philips mobile W6618 comes with an Android OS, v4.2, and a 1.3 GHz Processor (Quad-core).

What is a desktop processor?

A desktop processor is a processor that has been optimized for maximum performance on the desktop, for tasks such as playing video games or editing video. This is as opposed to a laptop / mobile processor, which is optimized to provide longer battery life and run cooler.

Is a 1.3 GHz processor good?

Depends. Is it a mobile processor in a small laptop? A tablet? A phone? If it is a desktop processor, then it is probably pretty slow at this frequency. Keep in mind your Clock Speed doesn't really matter that much in processor performance.

What kind of processor does a T Mobile smartphone employ?

T-Mobile has many kinds of smartphones that can be used on its network. The most advanced phone they currently offer uses a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor and has Android 2.3 preloaded.

Which is better Celeron processor or Atom processor?

A Celeron processor. Some Celeron processors are somewhat powerful, however Atom processors are slower, intended for basic use in ultra-mobile machines such as netbooks.

What is the process found in a cellphone?

Most mobile phones use an ARM chip as the processor.

Which country invented xolo mobile?

this is the India based company but it has usa Intel processor

Mobile is an operating system or a processor?

Generally processors designed for laptop or portable computers are called mobile processors. There is nothing called a mobile operating system for computers.- Neeraj Sharma

Which mobile processor socket is currently the most popular by AMD?

By far, the most used AMD mobile socket is the 638-pin S1 socket.

Is the Intel Celeron M worth 80 more than the AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core processor?

Possibly. Mobile processors are typically much more expensive than their desktop counterparts, so if you are trying to compare an Intel mobile processor to a desktop AMD processor, you will quickly get confused. Within the mobile market, Intel processors are much more power efficient and generate less heat. That, not raw performance, is the driving force in mobile computing. Now, if you are looking into a desktop computer, the AMD Athlon 64 is probably a better choice, both for performance and the fact that you can't use a mobile processor in a desktop without an adapter.

What component in the smartphone has the most impact on the smartphone multimedia web and gaming performance?

Mobile processor

What is Intel Pentium m processor?

The Intel Pentium M is a type of processor that is used in laptops. The M stands for mobile and the Pentium M is designed to use less power and generate less heat than a processor used in a desktop.

What is different between Intel core i5 and mobile i5 processor?

Intel core i5 is used in desktops and laptops while mobile i5 is used in netbooks, the mobile i5 is not as powerful as the regular i5 because it is built for mobile devices.

What logo on laptops indicate that they contain a mobile processor support chips and a wireless network interface?