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can you explain
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Q: What is a mollusk with a muscular foot for moving?
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What is a mollusk with a muscular foot for moving called?

One example would be a "Spanish dancer".

What are some physical features of a mollusk?

soft bodies and a big muscular foot. Some mollusk have shells.

What is the function of the foot of the mollusk?

The function of a mollusks foot is locomotion (moving).

Which set of body parts does every mollusk?

Muscular foot, head, body

Which set of body parts does every mollusk have?

Muscular foot, head, body

What is the characteristics of a mollusk?

Mollusks are soft-bodied invertebrates with a muscular foot, a head, and a mantle that may secrete a protective shell. They also have a radula for feeding and a coelom for internal organs. Mollusks exhibit a wide range of shell shapes and sizes, and include animals like snails, clams, octopuses, and squids.

What is the large muscular structure called that the mollusk in the picture is moving around on?

eat poo and die

Does octopus have muscular feet?

An Octopus has a foot ( mollusk foot ).It is not very muscular.The Octopus does have a very muscular hydrostat. It is used to manipulate items (including food) or to move its host about and consists mainly of muscles with no skeletal support. This controls the tentacles.

Two traits that the squid share with the mollusk?

They both live in the ocean and they have no bone structure.

What are facts about mollusk worms?

this is what i know of mollusk: soft bodies (some have shells) true coelum/body cavity - advanced organs bilateral symmetry examples: octopuses, cuttlefish, muscles/clams/oysters muscular FOOT for movement that should definitely answer your question

Do mollusk has a foot?

yes just one; every animal has a foot...

Does a mollusk use a foot to drag itself?