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A monochrome laser printer is used for printing in one color: black.

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Q: What is a mono laser printer used for?
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What kind of printer do you have in your lab?

Mono Laser Printer.

What is ment by mono laser printer?

it only prints black and grayscales

How do you chenge powder in laser printer?

The toner powder in a laser printer is sealed inside a toner cartridge, and it is the wholecartridge that is replaced. A mono laser has a single cartridge, while a colour laser will have a cartridge for each colour.

What are the key functions of a mono laser printer?

Monochrome (mono) laser printers are ideal for printing black and white text and suitable for personal or company use where color documents are simply not needed. Mono laser printers are generally cheaper than color lasers and faster than inkjet printers. When shopping for a mono laser printer, the key functions to look for are paper capacity, speed, and print quality.

What are the features of a Samsung ml 2010 mono laser printer?

The Samsung ML2010 mono laser printer prints only in black and white, but it's known for its speed and accuracy. Plus, the printer uses ink sparingly, so users won't run out of toner too quickly.

How is a laser printer used?

It works throug laser

Which printer is commonly used for desktop publishing?

laser printer

What is the best rated printer for a new Dell desktop?

The best rated printer for a new Dell desktop would be the Dell B3460dn Mono Laser Printer. The printer has a 2-year basic limited warranty and costs $800.

What the laser printer be used for?

for cutting wood. -_-

Where can a laser printer be used?

Businesses needing high-quality economic printing would use a laser printer. Laser printers cost less to use than other types of printer.

What colours does a bw laser printer print in?

A B&W Laser Printer prints in black and white. It is a monochrome printer, or one colored printer. B&W Laser Printers are often used in businesses where color is not needed.

Name the type of printer to be used for printing text and graphics with high speed but at low cost?

It is lazer printer it doesn't take much time less