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It's a dinner party that is also a game. Specific people are chosen ahead of time to play roles like a play, one person is the victim one person is the killer, but no one knows who is who. You get clues throughout dinner, and everyone tries to guess who the killer is.

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Q: What is a murder mystery party?
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How do you throw a murder mystery party?

To host a murder mystery party you will need a good script. You can buy games for this purpose, or come up with your own script. Invite guests to the party, also invite a couple of people who can help you with the party. Plan the dinner, and set the scene for the party.

How could one prepare to host a murder mystery party?

One could prepare to host a mystery party by contacting Night of Mystery. They will supply actors to come and put on the show while the guests will all be detectives trying to solve the crime.

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What is are some birthday party teen games to play at a hotel?

how about a murder mystery party game kit or scavenger hunt, for some examples see the related links below:

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