What is a nickname for the name Cherokee for a dog?

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Cherry, Keekee, Roro
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How did Cherokee get its name?

It's most likely an Anglicization of the Cherokee's name for themselves, Tsalagi, whose translation is widely debated. Some speculate that it comes from the Choctaw word 'Cha-

How did the dogs and Cherokee Indians meat?

Although it is hard to believe by modern standards; they put it in their mouths and chewed. Some are even rumored to have swallowed the masticated animal flesh (more accuratel

What are Cherokee Indian dogs called?

There isn't a "Cherokee Indian dog", if that's what you are asking. However, the word for dog in the Cherokee language is "Gitli", pronounced Gee-(h)lee.

What is a Cherokee name?

Tsali, originally of Coosawattee Town (Kusawatiyi), was a noted figure at two different periods of Cherokee history, both of them vital.

Why is the Cherokee Rose named after the Cherokee?

The Cherokee Rose came to the US in 1780. The Trail of Tears was in1838. The rose grew invasively in the area of the Cherokee, andthey were responsible for desiminating it eve
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What breed of dogs did the Cherokee use?

They may have been much like the dogs now known as "Carolina Dogs," also called "American Dingos." These dogs were discovered in the 1970's living alone (no humans) in the rem