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What is a non-aggressive salt water fish?

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βˆ™ 2011-06-06 05:27:14

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Mahi-mahi, trout, minnow, grouper and others.

2011-06-06 05:27:14
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Q: What is a non-aggressive salt water fish?
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Is swai a salt water fish or a fresh water fish?

salt water fish

What is fresh water fish and salt water fish?

fresh water fish live in water with low salt content. salt water fish live naturally in oceans

Where do the salt water hatchet fish live?

the salt water hatchet fish live in salt water!!!

How do salt water fish get water?

They get salt water by swimming in their and breathe so the salt water gets suck in then out the fish.

Names of salt water and fresh water fish?

Fresh water fish- Catfish and salt water fish-Flying fish (Exocoetus).

Is a barracuda a fresh water or a salt water fish?

Barracuda is a salt water fish.

What are the names of salt water fish?

The names of salt water fish is just salt water fish! trust me im a diver and i have to know a lot of facts about fish! (:

Is tuna a freshwater or salt water fish?

Tuna is a salt water fish.

Is it better for fish to have more salt in their water?

Only salt water fish. But if you have a pet salt water fish then it is better to use sea salt and research on how much sea salt to use.

What is the water common salt water fish?

the most common salt water fish is sardines

Is haddock a fresh water or salt water fish?

It is a marine fish found in the atlantic ocean.

How long do salt water fish Live?

How long do salt water fish live?

Is water in all fish ponds salty?

Well it depends on the fish. If it is a fresh water fish then it lives in fresh water, salt water fish live in salt water.

Do flashlight fish live in salt water or fresh water?

Flashlight fish is lived in salt water.

Are betta fish salt water?

Betta fish - Siamese fighter fish are not salt waters fish. But there is another breed of Betta which is called a marine betta and they are salt water fish.

Why do fish need salt water to live?

Salt water fish need salt water, fresh water fish need fresh water. Humans need air. Its just the environment that it grows in.

Is there more fish in salt or fresh water?

there is more fish in salt water because 70%-75% of earth is covered in salt water

Is a eel fresh water or salt water fish?

Salt Water

Is dragon fish salt water or freash water?

salt water

Is red snapper a salt or fresh water fish?

A red snapper is a salt water fish.

How do fish drink salt water?

fish dont drink salt water they just feel it

Do all fish live in salt water?

No, some fish live in salt water and some live in fresh water. There are also osmoregulators, which are fish that can live in both salt and fresh water.

Why do salt water fish not taste salty?

this is why: Salt water fish have to ability to reduce the amount of salt entered into their body

Where can the clown fish be found?

the clown fish is found in salt water so were ever there is salt water there is a clown fish.

Why do salt water fish need salt water?

yes they do