What is a non matter?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Non-matter does not occupy space and does not have mass.

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Q: What is a non matter?
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Is a carrot a matter or a non matter?

Carrots is a matter or non

Is radio waves matter or non-matter?

No, radio waves are not matter.

Is heat matter or non matter?

Everything that has substance is matter. Heat doesn't have substance, so it is not matter. Therefore it is Non-Matter.

Are batteries matter or non-matter?


Human body is matter or non-matter?


Is moon a matter or non matter?

Moon is matter.

Is air matter or non-matter?

MATTER . If it was non-matter it would be a VOID. Everything is MATTER.

Is music non matter or matter?

Non-matter. It consists entirely of vibrations to air causing sound waves.

Is a bee a matter or a non matter?

A bee is definitely matter.

Tiny non-living matter?

A tiny piece of non-living matter is a virus.

Are atoms a matter or non matter?


What is non-matter called?

non-matter is the opposite of matter it is consided Energy for example thinking, anger,sadness or even happiness.