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A solution or root makes a true statement when substituted in an equation.

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What is a root of a quadratic equation?

The root of any equation is a number which ... when substituted for the variable ...makes the equation a true statement.

What is the solution for x when x equals 5?

The 'solution' of an equation is the number which, when substitutedfor the variable, makes the equation a true statement.You have said: [ x = 5 ] .We claim that the solution is '5', because when '5' is substituted for 'x',the equation reads5 = 5and that's a true statement.

A number when substituted in an open sentence makes a true statement?

Not if the statement is inexplicable in numerical terms, and not always when it is.

What is the value for a variable that makes an equation?

It's the value that when substituted in for the variable, makes the equation true. Ex: x + 1 = 3 The value 2, when substituted for the variable x, makes the equation true.

What is a number called that when substituted into an open sentence it makes the sentence true?

A open sentence is an equation with one or more variables is an open sentence.

A is a number that makes an equation true.?

If A is a number that makes an equation true, then A is a "solution" to the equation.

Number that makes an equation true?

A number that makes an equation true is its solution.

The set of values that makes a statement true?

If the statement is a mathematical equation, than those values are its "solutions". The number of them depends on the equation. There may be only one, more than one, or no solutions at all.

What is the meaning of solution in math?

In an equation an answer that can be substituted for a variable that makes the equation true. Wich is a answer for any tipe of proumblem (ex. 6x2=12)

A value that makes an equation true?

Any number that makes an equation true is a 'solution of an equation'. it is a solution

What makes number makes this statement 86.45cm true?

No number, by itself, makes it true.

How do you solve x squared plus 8x plus 20?

The "solution" of an equation is the number that 'x' must be in order to make theequation a true statement.x2 + 8x + 20 is just a number, whose value depends on the value of 'x'. It's notan equation, it asks no question, makes no statement, and poses no problem, soit needs no answer, and there is nothing to "solve".

What is the number that makes an equation true called?

It's callled the "solution" of the equation.

What number when substituded for the variable in an equation makes the equation true?

you have to solve the actual equation in order to answer this about your variable

What makes equation a true statement?

A feasible solution, which when applied means that all the variables etc... on one side of the equation equal to whatever is on the other side of the equation.

What is a value for the variable that makes the statement true?

Such a value is called a "solution" or "root" of an equation.

A number that makes a equation true?

A number that makes an equation true is a solution. If there is more than one answer to an equation (such as an equation like): (x-2)(x+4)=0 then it is called a solution set (and in this case would be x={-4, 2}).

What is a number that makes equation true?

It is one of a set of solutions.

What value of x makes 10x equals 350 a true statement?

We want to answer the equation 10x = 350 This can be done by dividing both sides by 10. That makes the equation x = 35. Thus the value of x that makes 10x=350 is 35.

What is the word for a number that makes an equation true?

Solution. A solution of an equation is a number that satisfy the equation. This means that if you replace this number on the equation and check it, the equation will be true. When you solve an equation you can find some roots, but not all of them satisfy the equation. Thus always check your answers after resolving your equation, and eliminate as solution the answers that don't make the equation true or undefined.

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