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What is a one-inch hard lump with swelling two inches in diamater around it on your upper left forehead with no known injury or bites?

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Could be a pilar cyst. Or not. You shouldn't use this site for medical diagnoses. See a doctor. A dermatologist, in this case.

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How long does it take for swelling on your forehead goes away after a hard hit on cement?

First, swelling is a good sign, it means fluid is not building up inside your brain. It may take several hours to decrease. Be aware of dizziness or slurred speech, this may be a sign of a concussion. Based on personal experience, swelling on the forehead will go down after a day or two, but then the area around the eyes will swell as this is where the blood drains to. After about 4 days, the swelling will fade away.

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there are many cause for the swelling ,mainly any injury, stress, allergy ,obesity or hyper tention. .

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An ear infection can cause minimal swelling to moderate swelling around the ear, and can also cause hearing loss that can become permanent.

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This is Periorbital edema.

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When being stung by a wasp's what reaction was swelling around the eyes is known as?

periorbital edema

The reaction of swelling around the eyes after being stung by a wasp is known as?

periorbital edema

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