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"Truant" refers to a student that skips school.

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Q: What is a other word for when a student you didn't go to school?
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What is the German word for student?

For a student at college it remains "Student"For a student in a grammar or high school it is "Schüler"or for the American usage of the word it could be "Schulkind"Another word used is "Studiker" (colloquial)

What word means a person who attends school?

The word for a person who attends school is "student."

What is the dutch word for 'pupil'?

"Leerling" (primary/secondary school) of "student" (university)

What is a sentence using the word editor?

The student was proud to be the editor of the school newspaper.

Is it proper to use the word 'career' in the phrase 'high school career' besides as the usual synonym for 'job' or 'occupation'?

There really isn't any other definition for the word unless you have a student who plans to spend his entire life in high school.

What educational software is available for elementary school teachers?

In school teachers there are a educational software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and demas programs that help to the student to study entre other thinghs.

What type of job can a 15 year old high school student have?

then can word at the mall

Use the word composite in a sentence?

The teacher taught her student about composite numbers in school.

In the context of poem "to the pupils of Hindu College" the word "pupil" means?

a student in school

What is a sentence with the word principals?

The principals of the school came running when they heard of the student fight.

Use the word truant in a sentence?

Due to the student skipping school for 5 days in a row without a parent note, the student will have detention or in school suspention and be charged for being truant.

Is school a neuter gender?

Yes, the noun 'school' is a neuter noun, a word for something that has no gender.