What is a paintballer?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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A paintballer is a person who participates in paintball.

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Q: What is a paintballer?
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How did BORG the paintballer die?

He took his own life

How much money does a pro paintballer earn in a year?

45,000 pounds

How do you become a pro paintballer?

Pratice shooting and stance every 3 days.

How much does a paintballer make every year?

Over £1000 every 3 months.

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How much money does a pro paintballer make?

Roughly around 35-50 thousand a year depending on sponsorship and contracts.

How do you convince your parents you should go paint balling?

There are a lot of reasons you should go paint balling. Personally I love it! 1. If your parents are scared you will get hurt show them the bulletproof suits they have. That's what I used the first time I went paint balling. 2. If you have a friend that goes paint balling tell your parents that your friend could go paint balling with you. It is great to have an experienced paintballer by your side. Before I say this let me tell you this might not be the greatest idea. 3. Get a paintballer and tell your parents that you will get shot with a paint ball so you know how it feels. And if it hurts then you will not go paint balling. The reason why step 3 is sort of bad is because it could backfire and you could get hurt and then you'll never be able to go.

Average income of a professional paintballer?

Sadly there are very few players who can make a living off of just playing paintball. Most are not even paid at all for playing, they just receive free gear. One of the only players who is actually paid to play is Ollie Lang, who received a $50,000 signing bonus.

Who is Dave Sperry?

a cartoonist Well that must be another Dave Sperry. I am a paintballer / handyman that is just a little on the off side of reality....Thus the approved nicked name crazydave but had to swith it to crazydav3 because some butt munger stole my old juno account and locked up the name on every site possible....other than that I am just a regular nut case surviving in a world of other nut cases and living by the rules that very ignorant people keep making up lol

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