What is a parallel connector?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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A parallel connector, or parallel port, is an interface used to connect a computer to some external peripheral. An example of things that can hook up to a computer using a parallel port include a printer and/or a scanner. More recently, the USB interface has become extremely common and most types of devices that used to commonly hook up via parallel port now hook up by USB instead.

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Lets you connect devices together like hard discs, solid-state drive, and floppy discs into a computer.

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Q: What is a parallel connector?
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What is a 32 bit connector known as?

A parallel connector or perhaps a buss.

What is female DB25 connector?

a parallel port

What connector use?

Parallel printers and scsi

What type of connector are found on parallel printer cable?

Usually a Centronics connector is used.

What is DB-25 pin connector used for.?

This is a connector used in serial and parallel ports.

What is DB 25 pin connector used for?

This is a connector used in serial and parallel ports.

What is the advantage of SAS over parallel SCSI?

SAS is SCSI, it connects via a serial cable/connector instead of parallel (long and skinny) connector.

A parallel ATA connector can accommodate one data cable for tow drives?

A parallel ATA connector can use one data cable for two drives.

What type of a port is a female DB25 connector?


What uses centronics-type connector?

Parallel printers and scsi

Can you hook up a monitor to the parallel connector?

Yes if it is a old monitor.

How can you tell if a connector on the back of the computer is a parallel connector?

Parallel sockets are wide, with two rows of pins that total 25 in all. Printers and some other devices use 36 pins, but they look the same. There is a screw hole at either end to allow the connector to be fastened securely.