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What is a passing grade on the US Postal Exam?

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On all U.S. Postal exams the passing score 70 and 100 is the top score and that does not include veteran's points. It is important to remember that although 70 is a pass, the exam is competitive which ultimately means that you could get a passing score but still not get hired because the rest of the testing group had higher marks than you. It is a common belief that to have a chance of getting a follow-up interview requires a score of 80 to 85. It is a good idea to prepare for the exam using a study program. There are quite a few available. I used and it was great.

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Where can you find a study guide for the united state postal service USPS exam 943 944 what is a passing grade on the us postal exam?

USPS exams 943 and 944 test competencies suitable for postal automotive technicians. Study guides with practice questions are available online. A 70% correct rate must be reached to pass the test.

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Where can I locate a US postal rates chart?

I am wondering what the rates for the US postal service are, where can I find a US postal rate chart?

Does the US Virgin Islands have the US postal service?

Yes. We are an American territory and American citizens. We do have the US Postal Service and the postal rates are the same as they are in the continental US.

How do you become a contractor for the US postal service?

How do you become a contractor for the US postal service?

What is the postal code for th US?

Postal codes in the US are called ZIP codes.

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The Postal Service, like the US Government, is self-insuring.

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You can find the US postal zip code for Seattle by going to a postal zip code finder online. Another way to find US postal codes is to go to a post office. There are directories at post offices which list postal codes.

Do US postal workers get social security?

Do postal employees get social security

What is Rwanda's postal Code?

Postal codes only apply to US addresses

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i think what u guys want u can't show us the pattern the syllabus nadeem , mait

Who delivers for ParcelForce in the US?

US Postal Service

Does US Postal service Deliver On weekends?

Yes, the US postal service delivers on Saturdays, but not on Sundays or federal holidays.

Is there anywhere you can get free help with the postal exam 473?

The US Post Office has all the info for free. Download the pub60a.pdf at the bottom of this page. The Computer Doc

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The United States Postal Service is abbreviated USPS.

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Who pays US postal workers salaries?

us taxpayers

What is the postal code for the US of America?

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What US states postal abbreviation is MO?

Missouri is the only state with the postal abbreviation MO.

Do postal money orders have a expiration date?

If its a US postal Money order the answer is no, they do not have an expiration date.

Is US Postal Service open on good Friday?

Yes; Good Friday is not a postal holiday.